This book was a waste of paper!It (for some reason) has won all of these awards and got great reviews so I thought it would be good but it was exactly the opposite! The first 2/3 of the book is political jargon and then it finally gets into this supposedly ?gory and disgusting? mystery which was the best part of the book but I knew what happened to the girl the second I began reading Part 3. If the story could have been entirely the mystery, I would have increased the rating greatly!

On the positive end, the characters were fantastic! They were very well created and mixed together perfectly! Bravo to Larsson for that aspect. In addition, the violence toward women in this book really got to me. The original name of the book was Men Who Hate Women. A few of the Vanger family members were sick, twisted bastards who needed to be tortured, raped and locked in a padded room for the rest of their lives. If I ever meet someone named Martin or Gottfried from a Swedish family, I?m getting the heck out of dodge!

So in conclusion, this book had an excellent cast of characters that were thrown into a poor plot and written into an awful story!

Jay i St. Johns, MI
Submitted: 19 April 2011

By Editor

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