I know someone who’s sort of like Lisbeth

Mentally, I don’t question his intelligence, but socially, he’s asocial. Psychologically speaking, there’s something amiss about him. I can’t pinpoint out exactly but I just know. Everyone knows. He doesn’t talk a lot even to family members.

He’s a relative.

Which makes me wonder if he has borderline autism, asperger’s, or something else.

Posted by May , 10 August 2012

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  1. I have a friend too, which is nice looking but lacks of social contact. I admiss first I was drawned by his appearence, but the moment I saw how complicated he was, I knew something was on there. Curiously, I was thinking this month on how much he looks with Lisbeth; besides the antisocial behavior, he loves computers, metal, and have a humour that is almost the same as Lisbeth.


    (ps: look for asperger syndrom, I guess is what both of them have, and maybe, ur relative too)

    Posted by Jeez in Porto Alegre ,

  2. This serie has just but given me the answer to my own personal retirement from social life. Anti-social doesn’t necessarily mean you have a psychological disorder, I would put it: a personal choice for allienation since this society is that sick and those who want to survive need to create a bubble of protection. I understand Lisbeth, to me, she is just authentical, clean and transparent. I’m concerned about the sick people who abused her and made her stronger; she’s a lethal weapon to a world that lives into lies and violence. She just protects herself. After reading this series I felt so identified in the trial I survived while divorcing a lawyer, of course, the system protected him and took my children away from me. Now, I am stronger and I am not a borderline or a bipolar if they want to classify me into a psychological taxation. I am happily FREE, I am just me, I am a strong woman, that’s all.

    Posted by Griselda, Mexico ,

  3. I used to know someone online, her personality always reminded me of Sally, course though her username on the MMORPG we played was “Zalachenko” & mine is “Salander”. She messaged me out of the blue one day and complimented me on my user, I never really thought to see if the user “Zalachenko” was taken or anything else like “Blomkvist”.

    Our friendship was very ironic. Course its hard to say what she was really like as we never talked, she didn’t use Skype or any other VoIP & had deactivated her Facebook before I met her. She is definitely one of the most interesting people I’ve met online, funnily enough one day she told me that she was getting tired of the game and I haven’t seen her since that day in August & neither have any of her friends that I know or any of our clan mates. She has literally done a Salander and vanished, I haven’t actually thought about her in awhile. One day maybe I’ll see her red name in my Friends List turn to green or yellow, anyway I’ll keep sitting in her Friends Chat until my desire fades.

    Posted by Ashtray Wasp in New Zealand ,

  4. To the person who has concerns about their relative: Are you a licensed psychologist? Just because someone is different, does not mean that they have a disorder. We can’t all be the same can we? It seems that if one is not a social butterfly, there is something wrong with them.

    Posted by Arnie in Dunstable ,

  5. She has literally done a Salander.One day maybe I’ll see her red name in my Friends List turn to green or yellow, anyway I’ll keep sitting in her Friends Chat until

    I think I’ve had a friend who reminds me of “Blomkvist”.. and I had no clue I’d here from him again.it’s been a long time. I guess I’ll keep sitting in his Friends Chat untill I hear from him again

    Posted by Kecie in Australia ,

  6. I think I know who Ashtray Wasp in New Zealand is and today is a good day to discuss few things. I wish Ashtray Wasp didn’t leave like he did. Cause if you claim to be a friend you stay through tough times. God knows I wouldn’t imagine such thing as to ever hear from you again. No matter what circumstances are at the moment I need to hear from you. It will make me happy to know you are doing well. I didn’t forget about you I never did. I would never think things will occur in this particular way which was a huge surprize anyway. Staying in touch with you still gives me more hope than all this.. I just wanted to wish you

  7. I never left, I may have stopped playing for months but I logged on to chat with friends three or four times a week. I did hear from Zala once again at the end of the year or the start of 2013 and that was it – I still do play anyway, RS Classic only. It’s strange how I suddenly thought to come back here this morning . . . I didn’t think I’d ever see a reply to my post.

    Who are you anyway? Zala? I am pretty (really, very, to be honest) skeptical – June was a while ago . . . but anyway, flick me a message at: lettheolddreamsdieartistgmail.com

    Posted by Ashtray Wasp in Manawatu, New Zealand ,

  8. Guilty of the same thing… I just replied to you, I don’t use that email acc much.

    Posted by Ashtray Wasp in Manawatu, New Zealand ,

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