I have found a new favorite Author only to find he is gone!

As a struggling author I know what I like and what constitutes a spell-binding book (I hope) and the trilogy sat on my end table for months as I tried to start the first of the three. It is difficult to start because Mr. Larsson’s style is a bit of an acquired taste. But picking it up one day, I started reading and it all hit me at once. I immediately started the book over and barely put it down except to do essential jobs and sleep. I loved the book, the mystery and suspense and found that I was sure I had it figured out mid-way through; only to find I was way wide of the mark. I picked up the second and third and devoured them in the same fashion. I am devastated that there will be no more. I will certainly attend the film when it comes near and hope it stays true to the novel. Sadly, my own novel has suffered as a result of being loaned these thrillers.

Frank Cordier i Stanley, New Mexico USA 87056
Submitted: 7 December 2011

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