I didn’t like it either!

Although I am not critical of the novel’s form or value, I am quite simply astonished at its popularity. The finely drawn perversity of the characters is unsettling, and their wide appeal is distressing. Let’s face it – there is some awfully sick stuff going on in this book, and frankly, MY life is just too short to waste time reading about creepy people who do creepy things just for the sheer arcane hell of it.

Kathi i Swansea
Submitted: 2 May 2011

By Editor

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  1. There is some awful sick stuff going on in the USA on a continuous basis. Kidnappings, bombings, raping and on and on. Just like the rest of the world.

    So like there is sick stuff going on in Europe, well there is equally sick stuff going on in the USA.

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