Sometimes in the books Mikael is called “Micke”. How is this pronounced?? Is it pronounced as Mike? Or Mickey? My sister thought it might be pronounced as “meeka”.

Posted by Hollibelle , 27 December 2010

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  1. you should watch the movies, or maybe you can heard the pronunciation in the trailers! it’s Mikae(l) without the final L

    Posted by Silvia in Romania ,

  2. Listen to the audiobooks- they’re fabulous!!

    Posted by Barbara Howard in Escondido, San Diego, CA ,

  3. Veronica is right. [‘mi-k?]. Stress on the first syllable. Short [i]. There is no [a].

    Posted by Lone in Denmark ,

  4. The ? should have been a Schwa – an e upside down. But this cannot be shown on this page – apparently.

    Posted by Lone in Denmark ,

  5. I’m confused… is it pronounced Meeka, with an A, or Meekee with an E? As I’m reading, I’ve been pronouncing it, in my head, as either Michael when he’s referred to as “Mikael”, or Mikey when he’s referred to as “Micke”.

    Posted by Cortney in Bear, DE ,

  6. NO “Mickey” is not close, that would be “MICK-ee”.

    It is “MEEK-eh”. Like you were going to say “MEEK-elle”, but no “L”

    Posted by Veronica in Södra Ängby ,

  7. I always say it “BLOOM-vist.” The whole time I read the trilogy, I was thinking it was “Michael,” like the English spelling. I also thought “Lisbeth” was just “Elizabeth” without the “E”. Watching the movies, now I know it’s “LEEZ-bet”

    Posted by John W. in Tampa, FL ,

  8. I think google translate does a fairly good job at pronouncing the names. Go to the site and select swedish as the ‘translate from’ language and paste these words into the text box:








    Posted by Jörgen in Malmö, Sweden ,

  9. Micke is pronounced like Mick Jagger and then you put the ‘eh’ behind all together; “Mickeh”.

    Posted by bejson in Stockholm ,

  10. I thought that if Swedish was a Germanic-based language, i would be pronounced like a long e or like i in it;e would be like short a. Does that mean Ikea is pronounced wrongly? I saw no guides for a long i or e. I recognised the umlaut,but what is the small o above vowels called?mHow does it differ from the / in Norwegian?

    Posted by Virginia Connor in Marietta ,

  11. Hi Virginia. Ikea is pronounced ee-ke-ah. The ‘e’ in Ikea sounds as in ‘wet’. The Danish/Norwegian ø is the equivalent to the Swedish/German ö.

    Posted by Juan in Karben, Germany ,

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