How the Dragon Tattoo remake starts

Or at least, how it could start if I was directing…

(The scene: a subway stop. Three quite tall, very young thugs are, in a very leisurely fashion, grabbing a woman?s purse. Then, in a series of very rapid, jumbled images from the point of view of the attackers, come a series of blindingly-quick assaults from a tiny person in a hoodie. Old lady stares at the newcomer. Sirens blare).

Tiny person (Perp 4, camera shot from the back) ? Fuck!

Tiny person (Perp 4, camera shot from the back) ? Fuck!

(Shot, from the back, of the three muggers and the tiny person, lined up against a fence. )

(Shot, from the side, of two policemen and a police woman interviewing the woman and the four young hoodies)

(Shot, from the side, of two policemen and a police woman interviewing the woman and the four young hoodies)

Cop 1 ? (Looks at the first perp) Bloody nose.

(looks at the second) Bloody nose and torn ear. Somebody bite you?

(the third) Bloody nose, black eye, fat lip, is that a claw mark? Lady, do you have a dog?

(and the fourth ? he finds himself looking down on the top of Perp 4?s, head; he is forced to step back and look a foot lower than the others)

Cop 1 ? What about you, do you need a doctor too? Any cuts or scrapes? (the fourth one holds up bloody fists which block our view of the face, except for the eyes. Perp 4 lifts an eyebrow)

Cop 1 ? That?s all? Wait, you have a cut on your neck. (Side shot of Perp 4, who is lit from the back throughout the scene, as the cop pulls off the hood) Oh, it?s a tattoo, some kind of bird. (He wanders away)

Perp 4 (sighs, mutters to no one). Wasp. It?s a wasp.

Cop 1 — Okay, somebody tell me what happened here.

Old woman ? I was coming home on the subway and these three boys tried to knock me down and grab my purse. And then this other boy, he?s like a bolt of lightning, just came out of nowhere?.

Perp 4 ? I?m a girl.

Perp 1 ? This guy just went totally nuts. Hitting, kicking, scratching, spitting, pulling hair, all at 800 miles an hour. He?s like a goddamn mountain lion on crack. Who the fuck is this guy?

Perp 4 ? (boiling mad) Girl. Girl! I?m a girl! (the three muggers back away from her)

Perp 2 ? Ought to be in a cage.

Cop 2 ? (looks at Perp 4, talks to the woman). Okay, lady, these three guys attacked you, and then they were attacked by (skeptical) this young man here? (Perp 4 loses it and attacks him, bloodying his nose; they grab her by the waist and push her back against the fence)

Cop 1 ? (Laughs) He can?t weigh more than 90 pounds. Three guys for the ER, one guy straight to booking.

Perp 1 ? See? He?s nuts.

Perp 4 ? Doesn?t fucking listen. (pulls apart her clothes and shows them her bits; the cops reflexively draw their weapons) I?m. A. Girl.

Cop 2 ? Um, Sonja?

Cop 3 ? Holy crap. He?s a girl. Who needs a shower.? I know you. You?re the one who never talks to cops?. Put your clothes back on?. You?re not going to try to hit me, are you? (Perp 4 glares at her and turns her back; Modig cuffs her)

Perp 4 ? Hey, my bag, it has my laptop! (which unfortunately is crushed by the wheel of a police cruiser as she speaks). Fuck!

Posted by hellodollyllama in Baltimore , 11 August 2010

By Editor

3 thoughts on “How the Dragon Tattoo remake starts”
  1. I started with The girl with the dragon tattoo because I have one also. I just finished the girl who played with fire and have orderd the girs who kicked the hornets nest. Some of the best writing I have read in years.

    Posted by Linda ,

  2. I really enjoyed however there are a few things I think that Lisbeth wouldn’t do. First of all she wouldn’t talk to cops at all. She would probably just stare blankly at them if they tried talking to her. Also, she would never flash them.

    Posted by JO in Maple, Ontario ,

  3. My, don’t we have quite the imagination! I must agree with Jo in Maple, Ontario that it does not depict Lisbeth very realistically.

    Posted by NH Landas in Greece, NYS ,

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