How did our Mikael manage to hold the big guy down while he tied him up?

Posted by ee in Knoxville, Tn , 3 Mars 2010

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  1. My understanding was that the belt noose he first placed around his arms behind his back could be tightened with one hand while he continued holding the gun against his head with the other. At the point of the gun he then forced him to sit down and lean against a post where he initially wrapped his head and neck to it. He carried on from there.

    Posted by S. Girard in Jackson, MI ,

  2. What does Calle mean, as in Calle Blomqvist, as Mikael is referred to throughout the book?

    The last book, Hornet’s nest is as good or better than the previous two.

    Posted by sb in Ann Arbor, MI ,

  3. Kalle Blomqvist refers to a fictional character, well known in Sweden. He is a boy detective in children’s books by Astrid Lindgren (author of Pippi Longstocking). Referring to Mikael as Kalle is thereby somewhat diminutive, suggesting he is a school boy looking for adventure.

    Posted by Moa in Stockholm ,

  4. I don’t understand why Mikael kept shutting off mobile phone – he was in the middle of crisis situation!

    Posted by Rose Rita in Hammonton, NJ ,

  5. That kept popping up for me too – I wrote it off to the fact that in 2004/2005 people were much more likely to turn off their cells when they were busy or didn’t want to be bothered with a call.

    Posted by Jill in Rochester, NY ,

  6. He didn’t want his mother interrupting any crises. Mothers will do that, yap yap yap, y’know what I’m saying?

    Posted by GLenn in Los Angeles, CA ,

  7. probably didnt have it fully charged? Plus it is rude to have a meeting and keep answering your phone. xo

    Posted by linda Blake, NZ ,

  8. I agree with this thread. Come on, he would turn his cell off and become incommunicado for hours at a time when he knew critical information needed to be exchanged. It got to be kind of irritating!

    Posted by Zack in Los Angeles ,

  9. wondered about that myself,am in the habit of shutting off cell only when sleeping.Work ten hour night shifts,but not when waiting on important info.

    Posted by Robert Hoffer in Moorestown,NJ ,

  10. Talking about Niederman – the Blond Giant . Blomkvist had him at gun point with the Sauer while he tied him up with his own belt and later with rope he had in his trunk.

    Posted by Deb in Westminster, CO ,

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