I just finished The Girl with th Dragon Tattoo and I am intriqued by the suthor . I found the book excellent. How did he die? What a waste of such a talented man?

Posted by Janice Keeler in Atlanta Georgia , 2 January 2009

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  1. 60 cigarettes, yeah and maybe a few full of poison.

    Some motherf___er killed him

    Posted by DJ Jablonski in Bratt ,

  2. Has anybody made a connection between Stieg’s knowledge, sudden death and this now business with Wikki leaks?????

    Posted by Suspicious in London ,

  3. funny you should say that, i just wondered the same thing myself last night after starting to read thethied book!

    Posted by jules in manchester ,

  4. …so onto it…will someone please be brave enough to expose the links…is their a Plague out there?

    Posted by Carroll in Brisbane ,

  5. I think the story that Stieg Larsson died has been fabricated for marketing purposes. I don’t even think that a writer by this name ever existed. Someone else (who’s still alive and kicking) penned the trilogy, and is sitting back, enjoying every moment of her/his success. And laughing all the way to the bank.

    Posted by Dena Valguerra in Vigo, Spain ,

  6. 3-pack a day smoker….

    drank loads of coffee…

    Addicted to junk food….

    One day, his appartment elevator broke. He had to walk upstairs… and he had a heart attack

    I know I read this somewhere.

    I am surprised he even lived to be 50!

    Posted by exfat in Madrid, Spain ,

  7. Gaye Robertson in New Zealand, your comment is old, but I will still respond. I believe Larsson used the word “girl” because Salander is a small woman and often mistaken for a girl or even a boy at times. I think he used the term deliberately to make the point that she was definitely not a girl – she was a strong woman – in spite of all the people who were searching for a “girl” when she was on the run. It was a form or irony to use that term.

    Posted by Joanne in in British Columbia, Canada ,

  8. Larsson IS Salander. He was assassinated through means of posion : this is typically a pattern of the “newer” types of silencing one who knows too much. Too many of his friends and colleages suggested and highly suspect the very same outcome. Stieg also warned others of this possibility to come before his death. Research his work and you find out generally who was the culprit of his demise. The answers are within his former work. Do your own work and see for yourself.

    Posted by dragonlady in Smithsonian ,

  9. I have just recently discovered a love for english lit and joined my local library a friend of mine reccommened that i read the girl with the dragon tattoo i could not put it down and was intrigued to know more about this author. The descriptions of people and places and activities was too detailed to be fake I believe in the bottom of my heart that stieg was both a mixture of bloomkvist and salander also and that 85%of the trilogy is true. He was murdered because like millenium he was going to expose them and i also believe he knew he would die as result and that was the ultimate sacrifice Stieg is a hero and one day the truth will come out because there are plenty more salanders and bloomkvists in the making.

    Posted by zala in lapland in lapland ,

  10. If the real truth about Stieg Larsson’s death would be believed then, Stieg Larsson is truly the man who wielded his pen to expose the illegal/ immoral activities in his government. Case in point: As you read each character’s description you could feel that he interspersed his personality traits and strength of character not just in one but many of his characters (basing alone the judgement from the back flap info about the author). He is Blomkvist in that he’s into investigative and honesty in reporting; Lizbeth Salander’ s in her unique devil-may -care , in your face,defiance against institutions where she got her abhorrent albeit understable state of mind, in Erica Berg for her open take on interpersonal relationship, in Bublanski and Armansky for their objectivity and reasonableness– traits that don’t come so stated but you could feel it surfacing when it comes to giving justice. They defied reasons, used their killer instinct mode in search for truth.. much more, rejected societal conventions so as to entrust Salander with the job using her hacking genius to break the codes of secrecy, events that are so highly on the current global internet piracy these days. As to Stieg Larsson’s 60 cigarettes per day habit, I’d believe it if I’d seen it. To me he’s a genius. He kept the reader so intrigued and enthralled which leads to the readers wantonly dropping everything that they’re doing just to find out why and how the events unravel… so bad that after “The The Girl That Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” , there won’t be any more novel coming from him…He left us with a ‘bang’ which later may translate into a ‘boom’ in the box office once the first book comes alive on the screen!!!

    Posted by Susan Cabrera in Santa Clarita, California ,

  11. I think that Stieg sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune and when he was on the fast track to super stardom, the devil came to collect – how else do you explain the success of these books, which are, literally, atrocious and unbelievably juvenile. Shows that you need very little talent and a good marketing strategy, to succeed in this business.

    Posted by Joey in Ireland ,

  12. I think you Joey in Ireland is very jealous of a brilliant author, as you yourself are not and possibly could not string a sentence together.

    Posted by Chris in London ,

  13. I don’t normally read this type of novel ,but I read the first paragraph & was hooked .A great read.I managed to get the next two books in the series.These three novels are classics & will stand the test of time

    Posted by Dan Harrington in Bewdley Worcestershire England ,

  14. He died of a massive heart attack November,9 2004 it makes me cringe that such an amazing person with such amazing talent i am half way through Fire and the books have changed my life R.I.P Stieg Larsson god rest his soul

    Posted by Dylan Paulk in Auburn ,

  15. I am right now finishing the third book of the Millennium trilogy. And now? Dear Stieg where are you writing for us? I think a lot of us is missing Lisbeth and Michael. Ciao Stieg.

    Posted by Renata in Perugia ,

  16. Has anyone seen the movie made from “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo”? It’s opening in New York this week and wonder if a visual of Lisbeth will disappoint us.

    Posted by Joans in New York ,

  17. My local cinema has a poster saying It’s Coming!! I also hope we all on’t be disappointed. I have spent all weekend reading Tattoo and friend took it back on Sunday night and gave me The Girl who played with Fire. It’s now Tuesday and have nearly finished. Impossible to do the housework! Bought the third book yesterday when I had to go out to buy some food!! Very sad Mr Larsson is unable to keep us entertained.

    Posted by Leonie Dillon in Melbourne Australia ,

  18. It’s been a while since I have read a book without being able to put it down. I’m now off to Dymocks to pick up the second book in the trilogy but unfortunately I am advised that I have to wait until close to Christmas for the third one.

    Posted by Mena Kakakios in Sydney ,

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