I just finished The Girl with th Dragon Tattoo and I am intriqued by the suthor . I found the book excellent. How did he die? What a waste of such a talented man?

Posted by Janice Keeler in Atlanta Georgia , 2 January 2009

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  1. He died of a massive heart attack in Stockholm on November 9, 2004.

    Posted by Vincenzo in Vellano ,

  2. When I read that he died in of a heart attack at work, I was thinking about the story with Erika Berger’s predecessor at her new job, Hakan Morrander – didn’t he die of a heart attack at work?

    Posted by Ina in Berlin ,

  3. Absolutely. It’s very intruiging..especially considering the conspiritorial nature of his plot lines!

    Posted by pea in England ,

  4. I have been reading Girl with Dragon tattoo from mid last week, got about half way through by Friday evening reading on my commute to and from London. Saturday I couldn`t put it down and finished it. What a great read. Just looked up the author and found out tragically he has died, what a waste. But what a legacy.

    Posted by Stuart Eyers in Chatham ,

  5. I have just this minute finished the last book of The millennium trilogy. I would put Stieg Larsson at the top of my list as my favorite author. I was totally shocked half way through the Hornets Nest, to be told that Stieg was dead. ( I don’t like to read the back of the sleeve) …then I read this dribble that he apparently did not write the book ( The Australian Newspaper-Jan 27 ) as he was incapable…….is this a conspiracy? I found the 3 books impossible to put down and the plot twists facinating. Apparently there were 7 more books he was planning to follow up with. I am at a loss a what to read next!

    Posted by Emma B-K in Perth, Australia ,

  6. … and what a wonderful and enigmatic character Salander is!!!

    She is truly a “child” of this Millennium, with its uncontrolled and unabashed use of the internet, intrigue at all levels of government and the media, and wanton sexual exploitation, despite feminism and the women’s right movement.

    I just finished the last one, and am still floating somewhere between Stockholm and Gibraltar. I also could not put these books down – and I’m not usually a lover of crime fiction either!!!

    Posted by Wendy Tanner in Sydney, Australia ,

  7. I have also just finished this amazing book. Can’t wait to read the next one…

    Posted by Carol in Pretoria ,

  8. i’m waiting for the third book – the first two are amazing, and yes, gutted there won’t be anymore but despite what may or may not happen to the best female character ever – Lisbeth – she’ll live on in my imagination, Thankyou Stieg

  9. My house is full of good literature, novels and biography mainly; I am a compulsive reader. I usually reject bestsellers, so I don’t remember how I got hold of Larsson’s first book, but once I read it I could not let go. I was so desperate to continue reading that I promised not to read the other two (I have a life, you know!) On the other hand, I read it in Spanish and the translation couldn’t be worse. I was living with my decision when I read an article on the Millennium Trilogy by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa on Spanish newspaper El País, which forced me to revert my decision. (I have to say I disagree with Vargas Llosa and blame the quality to translation and not to the original writing, too bad I don’t know Swedish!) I just finished the second one some minutes ago and already bought the third one that just arrived to my country (Ecuador). The story is such “a drug” (as “Le Nouvel Observateur” says), that the terrible translation did not deter me from continuing. Never had such experience!!!!

    Regarding how he died, it could have been a heart attack, but caused by what???? It gives me the shivers just to think of the options.

    Posted by MGC in Quito ,

  10. 60 hand rolled cigarettes a day according to another commenter under the “work” tab – mystery solved people.

    Posted by Joe in Ohio ,

  11. How did Steig Larsson die? After reading both books one right after another, I’m still caught up in plot twists and thinking of ulterior motives. Did I just read that Steig smoked 60 cigarettes a day? Is this true?

    Posted by Ingrid in Olympia, Washington USA ,

  12. I have been reading Stieg Larrson’s books non stop for 4 days! Finished The girl with the dragon tatoo. Finished The Girl who Played with fire and went straight into reading his third book The Girl who kicked the Hornests’ Nest. What a great read! Such a shame I won’t be able to look forwards to any more of his books. Such a great writer!

    Posted by Brigitta Suba in Perth, WA Autralia ,

  13. I finished reading Larrson’s second book and went straight down to the bookshop to buy “The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest”, the third of the trilogy. A 100 or so pages into it now, it is as good as the first two. But it was only when I read the flyleaf of the third book that I realised he had died – what a loss! One can only imagine what excellent work he could still have produced! But his legacy lives on in his tales that force us to confront persecution of all sorts.

    Posted by Theo Coggin in Johannesburg, South Africa ,

  14. I have just finished reading the Millennium Triology. Like all the others quoted above I couldn’t put the books down, bleary eyed and seeing double, finished all three books in four days! Incredible writing, tantalising plot, leaves one with wanting more – the last book left it open for much more that could have been plotted. Very sad that Stieg is no longer with us. Thank you Stieg for your wonderful trilogy.

    Posted by Lee W in Stanley, Australia,

  15. has anyone considerd how stieg made many rigt wing extremist and nazi type enemys there could have been many people who would have wanted him dead, is it strange that in the first book he eludes to perusic acid as a chemicle that can be easily made and induces somthing akin to a heart attack?

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  16. Thoroughly enjoyed all three books. I also felt though that the third book left a couple of questions unanswered, for example, whatever happened to Salander’s twin sister.. maybe the answer was going to in a fourth book. I’m suspicious by nature so had wondered whether some of his characters were more alive than in black and white and whether his sudden death was by design….

    Posted by Conspiracist in Brisbane ,

  17. So sad that this author didn’t enjoy the fruits of his success. I’m an certain that based on sales alone, he would have amassed a small fortune including big fees for paid speaking engagements, movie ticket sales, etc… Could have lived a little like Lisbeth when she splurged traveling in the second book. LOL!! The man would have enjoyed the finer things of life for a change. Hope he reaps his rewards where ever he may be right now.

    Posted by Janet Vasquez in Bronx, NY ,

  18. I thought the Australian Tim Winton was a great story teller but Stieg Larsson amazing. I have just finished the last of the triology and can now put my eyes back in there sockets and finally get on with some work. If you are out there Stig, thankyou.

    Posted by Phyll Johnson in Bridport Dorset ,

  19. You can’t compare Tim Winton to this person! Tim Winton writes beautiful evocative thought provoking sensitive tales. These books by Stieg are page turner, marketer’s dreams! No comparison!!!

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