How did Blomkvist know Lisbeth had the money?

In their computer correspondence in TGWPWF, Blomkvist brings up that he knows Lisbeth has the billions from Wennerstrom, but I seem to have completely missed how he knows. Did I miss something?

Posted by GJG in USA , 1 February 2012

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  1. It’s in the end of the first book. There was some security footage or a photo he saw (I’d have to go back and read the end of the first book again to get it exact). He recognized her in disguise & knew about her hacking abilities that she had gotten the money from the Wennestrom accounts.

    Posted by dd in Bloomington, IL ,

  2. You really don’t get the whole story until you’ve read the entire series. I was so annoyed with the ending of the first book that I had to read on. The second book was like epic. Super high paced.

    Posted by ch in mustang ,

  3. Figured it out when she was in the Airport when they were looking for Irene with the wig she had on.

    Posted by bill zavistoski in asheville nc ,

  4. Hi!!! In the first book near the end, Blomkvist see’s that it is salander dressed as the Nesser woman hanging around the bank, that is why he chuckles to himself. so he puts two and two together you can say!

    Posted by Taskeen ,

  5. DB Marquis, I agree with most of your post but Blomkvist wasn’t falling in love. He thought that he was in love. Most people know when they are in love, Blomkvist was trying to fill a void. Monica was a mixture of Berger and Lisbeth. Monica came to terms with her jealousy of Berger when Berger told her she doesn’t bother Mikael when he is in a serious relationship. But she is still jealous of Lisbeth. There is a scene in the third book when Blomkvist was in Lisbeth’ apartment; he stared for a long time at her king size bed and then called Monica. Monica was a subsitute and that is not a good way to build a lasting relationship.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  6. Mikael tells Lizbeth in The Girl Who Played with Fire Nest while she is hiding out after the murders of Dag and Mia. They have corresponding through notes as Blumkvist remembers that she had previously hacked his computer and starts writing her letters hoping that she is stillmonitoring his pc. He tells her, ” PS YOU MADE A MISTAKE IN THE WENNERSTROM COUP. I KNEW WHAT YOU’D DONE– IN SANDHAMN OVER CHRISTMAS–BUT DIDN’T ASK SINCE YOU DIDN’T MENTION IT. AND IHAVE NO INTENTION OF TELLING YOU WHAT THE MISTAKE WAS UNLESS YOU MEET ME FOR COFFEE.” He thought that if he bated her enough she would agree to meet. Neither of them had yet realized the scale of the governements involvement of the Zalanchenko affair and Mikael had yet to discover that Zalencho was Salander’s father.

    Posted by Donna in Buffalo, Ny ,

  7. No – he never does. He does not even tell her he knows about the money or even how he found her apartment. Perhaps these, and many other questions, would have been answered in later books. The only contact between Blomkvist and Salander after book 1 ends is by remote PC messages only. Right at the end of the third book do they get together again. Who knows where their friendship would go after that. Blomkvist was falling in love with the other investigator, Salander had finally put her childhood horrors behind her and was growing up and coming out of isolation.

    Posted by DB Marquis in Johannesburg ,

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