How can I watch the second movie?

Hi, I really need to see “The girl who played with the fire”. Can somebody help me? I live in Germany and can´t wait till 2010.


Posted by , 14 November 2009

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7 thoughts on “How can I watch the second movie?”
  1. Do you live in the North? Then you might catch a cheap bus to Copenhagen or another large Danish city. It still plays there. But I guess that depends on how desperate you are … :-) – “because one Millennium should never end!”

    Posted by Christopher Marcus in Copenhagen ,

  2. Scandinavia House on Park in NYC shows Scandinavian mystery series,

    generally in the summer. This last summer it was a Yellow Bird series.

    Here’s hoping. If you go first have lunch or supper at their restaurant.

    Posted by marianne in NY ,

  3. I’m still in seach of the 1st movie DVD with English sub-titles, but the 2nd movie will be coming out on DVD soon. I can’t remember the site because it didn’t have English sub-titles. I found the site when I googled the 1st one. The site was film “something” or “something” film. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but if you research, I’m sure you can find it. They were taking pre-order. If you speak a Nordic a language, it will be available to you soon.

    Posted by KL in Utah, USA ,

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