Is there an ebook version of the 3rd Millenium book?

Posted by Mike S(UK) in Guisborough , 17 October 2009

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6 thoughts on “Hornets nest ebook?”
  1. Yes, you can get one from amazon (kindle). Also look up the title on Simon and Schuster’s site in ‘normal format’ (non-kindle). I found a link on Google. (I posted the links before but I think the all powerful spamfilters caught it.)

    Posted by chris from in Copenhagen ,

  2. What about I am hoping to get the 3rd book for my ipod. Any idea if/when it might be available?

    Posted by Helen K in Toledo Ohio USA ,

  3. The Kindle site shows the message that “This title is not available for customers from the United Kingdom” Any other suggestions?

    Posted by Anne in Colchester UK ,

  4. no ebook available….I did order the CDs and listened to it that way. It’s great!

    Posted by Helen K in Toledo Ohio USA ,

  5. sony e-reader store? Thats where all three of the books that I have came from…

    Posted by Arin in Red Deer, AB, Canada ,

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