I am still trying to find my main interest in styles of books that I read and other than travel biographies.. I have fancied the books from the millenium trilogy. I saw book 1 in a little book store in Bakewell in Derbyshire, UK and picked it up. I just started reading it last night (2/4/12) and it is the first book that has had me hooked from just the first chapter. I can’t wait to get more into it

Posted by I Carter in Stockport, UK , 2 April 2012

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5 thoughts on “Hooked so soon”
  1. I am in painful withdrawal from the trilogy. I read each book, saw each Swedish version, saw the International version twice, watched 4 of six episodes of the reedited TV miniseries. A friend says he read the trilogy three times over the last 18 months because there is no more. And I am a 65 year old former teacher – retired who strictly reads nonfiction – til now!

    Posted by Ron S. in Milford, CT USA ,

  2. I know just how you feel. Finishing the trilogy left me with a real sense of loss. I never expected to say, or feel, this about a work of modern fiction.

    Posted by Jane C. in Devon England ,

  3. Well I am not a fast reader but I have just finished this book and have thoroughly enjoyed it, Can’t wait to read the next one now. Then I can watch the films

    Posted by I Carter in Stockport, UK ,

  4. Will Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara make more of the movies or will I have to settle for English dubbed movies?

    Posted by willow130, USA in Holland ,

  5. They’re making more. I think The Girl Who Played With Fire is coming out in 2013

    Posted by Angelica ,

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