Hollywood goes Millenium?

Rumors say today that Hollywood(Sony Pictures)negotiate the rights to make one or more films of the millennium books. Steve Zaillian, who wrote the screenplay for Schindler’s List would obviously do the same for this film. Which actors will be involved is not known but it´s assumed that the books popularity will attract the biggest names. Perhaps you, who are the real Millennium experts would like to give them some suggestions here? And .. do you think it´s good that Hollywood makes movies of these books? Some are cautious about it, I have seen.

Posted by Kalle Bus , 16 December 2009

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  1. I agree about using actors that have too much fame. As I was introduced to and transfixed by the Swedish (European) culture I would like the actors to do the same for me. I see Ellen Page (Juno) playing Lisbeth. Can’t wait to read the third book.

    Posted by Janet in from the midwest ,

  2. they shouldn’t do this- the film is fine as it is! No doubt they will cast George Clooney as Blomkvist and Kristen Stewart as Salandar- noooooo!! And why not move the setting to Alabama whilst they’re at it?

    Posted by Lucy in San Diego ,

  3. nooo, not Hugh Laurie!! lol I am English, and in my mind he will always be part of Black Adder or Fry and Laurie. I can’t take him seriously! The rest of the world may like him, though. I would hope for an unknown actor. Or Kenneth Branagh- he does Wallandar quite well.

    Posted by Lucy in San Diego ,

  4. I agree with Ellen Page she would do farily good. Who else well, blomkvist should be i don’t know anyone but CLOONEY. Shouldn’t look weird with a young girl clonney would look like their father. Maybe Anna Kendrick then maybe. i think maybe pitt would do good. Or Damon

    Posted by Zan in Newport ,

  5. I would play Blomkvist for nothing! I’d save the film studio MILLIONS! Brad Pitt? George Clooney!? Harrison Ford? Ha! Get behind me in the queue boys!

    (P.S. I can’t work Saturdays and Sundays, and only 9 till 5 on weekdays. After that my rates go up to £20 per hour!)

    Posted by Steve Roberts, in Runcorn, Cheshire. UK. ,

  6. I have never heard her speak English and I do not know if it would measure up to the level obviously expected. However I do believe beyond a doubt that the Swedish actress Lo Kauppi is a houndred percent right for the part as Lisbeth Salander. I cannot see why she did not get the role here in Sweden in first place. A shame. Google her, and you will at least be able to see some pictures of her (I am afraid I do not think there is many websites written about her in English to read).

    Posted by EB in Random town in Sweden/London ,

  7. Lo Kauppi is too old, dude!! She’s 40 for crying out loud. Salander is 24 but looks like a 15 year old boy, Larsson writes it many times throughout the trilogy. Noomi Rapace can speak English but she has said that she doesn’t want to get into Hollywood and reprise the role.

    Ellen Page has got everthing it takes. Androgenous teenage looks, small stature and is probably one of the most diverse young actresses in Hollywood today. She’s proven that she can be very dark in Hard Candy (2005). When I was reading the trilogy I thought of her in that film. Natalie Portman would be second choice but I think today she has too much of a reputation of playing debutante roles and would find it hard to be a convincing Salander. 10 years ago, Winona Ryder hands down. Mila Kunis might be a good choice because she is not internationally known as a movie actress and most people only know her for her role in That 70s Show. This could be a career making role for her. For god’s sake not that talentless Kristen Stewart character. Emo appearance is not the beginning and end of the Salander character! This role is way above her.

    What’s most important is that, whoever they pick to play her, Salander should look completely odd and out of place next to Blomqvist. For Blomqvist I think Clooney has the charming looks and box office pulling power but Dominic West (The Wire) could do really well if he puts on that old McNulty rugged-not playing by the book- womanizing charm!!

    p.s. Julia Roberts for Berger. Guranteed. The Mature, wise and yet smoking hot editor in chief!

    Posted by A-K in Bristol, England ,

  8. I think it´s great. But for me, Noomi and Michael will always be Mikael and Lisbeth ;-) But it´s a nice extra, I can´t get enough of sally and mike, so that I´m really looking forward to this movie.

    And I´m really excited who will play lisbeth and mikael. Is it theoretical possible that Noomi will play lisbeth again?

    Posted by Liza in berlin ,

  9. It’s very difficult to adapt Millennium ‘right’ because its themes and plot are so rooted in Swedish society. However, if you look at some of the more ‘universal’ elements of Larsson’s books, and pay them sufficient respect, Millennium should be Hollywood-able without too much pain. Casting is obviously crucial and I think it would be wise to go for talent and charisma as opposed to Big Names. I just re-watched Scorsese’s The Departed yesterday and it’s a GREAT movie, but I just kept thinking: Wow – there’s Leo di Caprio, there’s Jack Nicholson, there’s (insert long, long list) more than I thought about the characters they were supposed to portray. So too much fame would be detrimental to a Hollywoodization of Millennium. Among other things. I’ve written a longer rant about this on my site sallysfriends.net. Click in and go to “US REMAKE” under Movies. (Sorry, links not postable directly here on this site :-). It is called “6 Ways for Hollywood to get Salander right”. So far no one has disagreed with me! :-) :-)

    Posted by Chris from sallysfriends in That Climate City ,

  10. PLEASE, no leading men. Bloomqvist is a supporting character. Of the above recommendations for Lisbeth: Stewart is too tall as is Melvin. Page is possible. Kunis is too pretty, I think, and Portman is too girly.

    Winona Ryder would have been fine. How about Joan Jett 20 years ago? Joan, of course, is biker/music more than punk/hacker but I think she could have been a good Lisbeth (if she could act).

    By the way, Julia Roberts is not, nor has ever been, hot.

    Posted by MM in Michigan ,

  11. I am really interested in playing Lisbeth. Im an aspiring actress and the rumors say the Fincher wants an unknown. I seriously have all the same qualities as Salander. It actually creeped my family out when I read her description to them. Does anybody know where I could send info about me to the casting company or Fincher?

    Posted by tay in flint, mi ,

  12. The idea of a re-make is ok, but the problem is that the first films with our known swedish actress set a very high level. And I do not know if an actor like Daniel Craig will fill the person Mikael with life. My problem is, that I still see Michael as Mikael and Naomi as Lizbeth. And now, there is James Bond as Mikael… I am doubtful, but we will see next summer!

    Posted by me in Germany ,

  13. i dont care. america is BOUND, just BOUND to screw this up. the swedes did a brilliant job!!! except for the casting of blomkvist who is just really fugly….but everything else is PERFECT!!!! hollywood wud just butcher it!!!!!

    Posted by girl_interrupted in vic, australia ,

  14. PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE leave it alone Hollywood. You screw up everything you touch!!!!

    Posted by shellyg in cleveland ,

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