Does anyone else find the way he died “suddenly” odd?

Posted by Aisha , 10 November 2014

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  1. Every murder can look like a suicede and when he died they made it look like it was heart attack

    Posted by Cindy in St. Louis MO ,

  2. This was the first idea I had when I heard about his life and his political engagement today (5. Nov. 2018): why did he die so early? I never heard about him, but last evening there was a report (on German state-run television) about a new book which reveals Stieg Larsson’s heritage concerning the assassination of Olof Palme (the former Swedish Prime Minister). According to the author of this book (Jan Stocklassa: The heritage of Stieg Larsson), Larsson had carried together a lot of information about the involvement of Swedish right wing extremists in the murder of Olof Palme. Correspondent to Stocklassa, Olof Palme had “build up a strong hate and resistance from people from inside and outside of Sweden who came together in a horrible alliance to get rid of Olof Palme”. The concrete catalyst of his assassination would have been – according to Stocklassa – the intention of Olof Palme to unveil an arms trade with South Africa (at this time ruled by the racist apartheid government), which would have been a threat to “very powerful people inside and outside of South Africa”.

    In this context, it could be useful to analyze the following statement: “Larsson died of a massive heart attack when he climbed the seven flights of stairs to his office because the building’s elevator was broken.” (
    Was the coincidence of the “broken elevator” with the death of Stieg Larsson really a pure accident? I cannot answer this question, but it seems that the “poor health” of Stieg Larsson was well known at this time (cf. the article above), so it might have served as a feigned explication.
    And I wonder which secret services were implicated in the assassination of Olof Palme. There have been secret deliveries of arms from Germany to South Africa in which the German Foreign Secret Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst = BND) was involved (see: An I suppose that British (and maybe US) secret services have played a part there, too, and beside (or presumably together with) right wing extremists.

    Here is the Link to the (above mentioned) German TV report:

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