Do we ever find out what happens to Camilla, the sister who “cooperated” with the police?

Posted by Millie in Oakland , 16 June 2010

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  1. Erlsnd and Joachim should hire Eva Gabrielsson as a ghostwriter for the remaining books considering she still holds those drafts. That way everyone is happy.

  2. Speculating what Camilla’s role may be lead to wonder… could she be Niedermann’s MOTHER?! The one helping him get away even when he isn’t liked in the underworld and heavily pursued?

    I haven’t read to the end of the last book. I’m looking forward to the resolution, but very upset I won’t get to find out Camilla’s role…

    Posted by Ana in Miami ,

  3. I believe that Lisbeth and Camilla were twins (can’t confirm this but I think it’s mentioned in the 3rd book) so Neidermann couldn’t be Camilla’s son – his age is not given but he’s certainly no kid!

    Posted by Viridian in Vancouver, Canada ,

  4. Neidermann is Zalachenko’s son. He is the half brother to Camilla and Lisbeth.

    Posted by smp in Olathe KS ,

  5. Even if other characters did not care for Camilla, I was surprised that the police team did not even try to locate her to get her testimony. They should at least brought up the suspicion that Lisbeth might be hiding with her.

    I don’t know about more sequels, the last pages of the Hornet’s Nest, after the trial has finished and Lisbeth organizes her stolen fortune, seem out of place and put together hastily.

    Posted by Tom in Tel Aviv, Israel ,

  6. Doesn’t it make more sense that Fermat’s last theorem was a foreshadow of the ending of Larsson series? Fermat’s theorem looked at from a philosophical viewpoint (Salander’s view) was that anything more than two dimensions cannot fit into the two dimensional margins of a sheet of paper. Likewise, the characters Larsson built are multi-dimensional and cannot fit into a set of books. The readers must take up the task of becoming the characters in their own lives. Sheer brilliance! The books are meant to be left for all the “lisbeth salanders” of the world to keep it going in their own lives. That seems obvious when one takes into account Larsson’s political activism. Who really knows what is fiction and what is for real when it comes to the Larsson family saga. It seems like a made up story to keep interest alive and to further promote this awesome series! It helps it live on and encourages readers to actually become the characters they admire. Love it. That cocky devil!

    Posted by Megan Van Zelfden in Plano, TX ,

  7. Lisbeth and the others are DEAD without a heart transplant… a ghost writer for book 4. Lisbeth alive with someone else’s heart beats the heck out of a dead lisbeth. She is a fighter and if we (and all the surgeons that would have to come together) all take some anti-rejection meds, we can continue to love her for years to come, ala Ludlum.

    Posted by Mark Mark in Riverside, CA ,

  8. The framework within which the trial of Lisbeth Salander was conducted was a revelation. It is so different from teh way a trial is carried out in the United States. I read that Gabrielsson is restricted from completing the fourth book while there is a legal battle waged between her and Larson’s father and brother. Since she was so involved in writing the books, she would be the perfect person to finish the fourth, and possibly continue Larson’s series of ten. How foolish of his relatives to stop the books…if they cooperated, it could be a great opportunity to see his work live on, and they could become very wealthy (if that matters to them). What exactly is the dispute?

    Posted by Donna C in Jacksonville, FL ,

  9. I believe that Camilla is older than Lisbeth. I haven’t dug yet, but. I feel this was touched on in book 2.

    I definately felt like Camilla was a huge loose thread. I only recently completed ‘Hornet’s Nest’ and one of the first things I said at. The last sentance was “Camilla wasn’t resolved”.

    I haven’t examined the issue in detail, but I can attest to the fact that sometimes people can be very irrational about these things. Tolkien refused to sell the movie rights to Lord of the Rings in his lifetime. Orsan Scott Card did the same for Ender’s Game for years until recently. I’ve known artists who will refuse to have their artwork recreated in any form. It doesn’t shock me that family are fighting this. Goodness, look at the whole thing with Mandela’s deceased children and where they should be buried.

    Posted by H C in Loudoun Virginia ,

  10. Neidermann also sees “devils” and there was someone in the bricktown, the footsteps. Could be the twin sister creepin on Neiderman for some reason.

    Posted by deedee in lawrence ,

  11. Deedee,yes! I was thinking about the same. Larsson’s characters have details that are there for something. The thing that Ronald watches creatures is for something. All I hope is that Camilla would have to be related to this, I just know Zalachenko isn’t because he met his son when he was alredy grown up. Perhaps Camilla has something to do with Ronald’s past, but not with the empire.

    Posted by David in Bogotá ,

  12. As said earlier, everything in the Trilogy is there for a reason, so also the names. The name Camilla have intriguing connotation to greek mythology and a famous person.

    From Wikipedia (In the Aeneid, Camilla was the name of a princess of the Volsci who was given as a servant to the goddess Diana and raised as a “warrior virgin” of the Amazon type.)

    Who could be more goddess than late Princess Diana and what about Camilla?

    Questions arise.

    Does the name identify any now living Camilla?

    Is Camilla an unknown relative to Princess Diana?

    Mind Blowing, Can’t wait to read the next book.

    Posted by The Dragon in Salanderville ,

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