Do we ever find out what happens to Camilla, the sister who “cooperated” with the police?

Posted by Millie in Oakland , 16 June 2010

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  1. Camilla has moved to Northern Canada. The reason for her move is a central part of the plot of the unfinished Book 4.

    Posted by Larssonista in San Diego ,

  2. Will we ever get to read it? Is there a ghost writer who will finish the saga?

    Posted by Millicent in Newcastle ,

  3. As do I…she has to appear later on…why else would Annika INSIST her money remain safe…it’s a loose end!

  4. Forget about having a ghost writer continue what Larsson started. Better to enjoy the work as it is. No ghost-written work would be the same as a Larsson book.

    Posted by Jason Allen in Santa Monica ,

  5. Yes you could definitely tell Camilla would be central to the fourth book due to the clues and constant referrals to her unknown whereabouts.

    Would have loved to have looked further into that mystery… Larsson would have had every book planned out how he wanted it, there very well could be ghost writter, and everyone would acknowledge that although the books would be nowhere as powerful, it would be nice to have Larsson’s plot revealed.

    If I was him looking down from his cloud at all the ideas left behind, I’d still want them revealed as long as I had recognition.

    Posted by Rose in Australia ,

  6. In a review of one of his biographies, there is a claim that his long time companion, Eva, has the 250 pages of his fourth novel. I guess we’ll have to see how that plays out. Would love to know what he planned out for Camilla.

  7. If the book has been plotted out and it’s half finished already and the original editor is still involved then there is no reason why a ghost writer couldn’t finish the 4th book.

    Posted by webbo in Syston,England ,

  8. Big Fan of the books, agree that the treatment of Camilla is so vague that it has to follow up with a story.. I agree with Rose, but i’m not without bias in saying that I would love to know the outline of all 10 books…

    As a fan, I want to know.

    Speaking as a reader, if the outline is published, then contracted to be written, wouldn’t there be an element of “what if Larsson written it, would the content have the same treatment?”

    Posted by Alison in Perth, Australia ,

  9. Even if Eva has the 250 pages, wouldn’t there be a problem with Steig’s family? I understand they would not share royalties from his books and probably would not allow her to hire a ghostwriter unless they handled everything. What do you think??

    Posted by Marie in Saratoga, Ca ,

  10. As frustrating as it is, I don’t want to see a ghostwriter finish it for him. It’s his work, and only his. NOBODY else could do it justice, although there are great parallels with this and Mikhael finishing Dag’s book. I would rather imagine what happens to Camilla and draw my own conclusions…

    Posted by Bassetgirl in Sydney, Australia ,

  11. I Mean, Stieg Larsson was having a very subtile kind of writing to make the readership prying in very special thing he planned for the next parts. And it works! So its now a very very sad thing for me closing the tird book without having the hope in getting the next.I´m so regretting

    Posted by szoekelili in Schwerin ,

  12. Definitely saw Camille as a loose end. I feel like the fourth would have done like the rest and kind of picked up where the third left. Blomkvist finds out about neiderman being a brother than he says we have to hunt down your sister. Something along those lines. Just how I envision it….

  13. I think it’s better than they left the third book without any.. obvious loose ends. Otherwise I’d be pulling out my hair. And sadly even if the fourth book was published it might not necessarily focus on Camille – the author had planned 10 books and might not have wanted to focus on her sister yet.

    Posted by ben in sydney, australia. ,

  14. I think that not publishing the book immediately because of underlying dispute on the royalties (as we were tend to believe) is like killing Larsson a second time. I hope the issue be it about hiring a ghost writer or royalty percentage not be put above the RIGHTS of millions of fans around the world. It there is truth to an unfinished work then by all means publish it.

    Posted by red jet in philippines ,

  15. Absolutely loved the trilogy, so hungry for more, tragic to lose Stieg Larsson, heart goes out to Eva!

    Posted by Laura in Santa Fe, NM, USA ,

  16. In the settling of the Zalachenko estate many problems arise for Annika. 1) It’s not just 4 million kronor. The joint accounts for father and son and properties owned by father and son is more like 50 million kronor. 2) Not only does Camilla have an interest but so does the other off spring; the daughters and sons mentioned by Zala (book 3) 3) Salander, Camilla, et al become targets of Zala’s son who is a chip off the block of his father and not interested in sharing. Bloomkvist and Armansky must locate Salander and Camilla before their killed as well as protecting the other heirs. The evil son murders Palmgren to draw Salander out where he can get at her. I have seen book 4 as a dream a night.

    Posted by G.L. Mitchell in San Jose, CA ,

  17. I had a feeling that Camilla would come out of her hiding place and help Lisbeth in the last book. With all the references and beck story I thought that would be a possible way to shock the court case. Then she could become more of a fringe character and both sisters would more maturely fix the relationship. Sounds a bit corny now i’m writing it but Stieg could have put Lisbeths twist on it nicely i reckon.

    Posted by AB in Australia ,

  18. I felt Camilla was a loose thread. Didn’t know if others thought so too. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    Loved the books. Sorry there was only 3. I would have been his fan for life..

    Posted by LE Testerman, in Stanley, VA ,

  19. I feel there are 2 loose threads here. One is definately Camilla, but, there was also a body of a woman dug up in the woods next to Kenneth Gustafsson. This woman was not identified, but I remember she was hinted at somewhere as being shot many times…. I can not help but wonder if these loose ends tie together…

    Posted by Steve in Netherlands ,

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