Has anyone seen the 2nd movie?

I just saw it yesterday and was wondering what people thought of it?

Posted by , 19 September 2009

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3 thoughts on “Has anyone seen the 2nd movie?”
  1. I’ve just seen the 2nd movie last night and I was speechless. during the whole movie I identified myself with lisbeth and I was living the story…what a strange thing!

    while reading the books the own imagination is working (blomquist was more attractive :-)…in the movies real persons are acting. in my opinion, noomi is just perfect and the strongest actor! in comparison to american movies there are authentic persons and locations, and to me it looks more real than any american production.

    I hope they won’t give away the rights, the danish regisseur did a very good job and it’s that “nordic style” of moviemaking that fascinates also.

    I’m waiting for the 3rd movie!!!

    Posted by Mona in Bern, Switzerland ,

  2. I loved it. But I’m not a harsh critic when it comes to these movies, ’cause I know they aren’t able to transfer everything from the book to movie. I think Noomi Rapace is Lisbeth Salander, I’m so amazed and fascinated by the character she is able to portray. I didn’t think they could find Lisbeth.

    The only major thing that bothered me was Erika Berger. After Lisbeth Salander she’s my faveourite character because she’s so independent and intelligent, but in the movie she was unbelievably annoying.

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