Saw the first movie tonight at Maroochydore, Sunny Coast, Qld.Australia…What a breathtaking ride!!!

Posted by Robbitybob in Palmwoods , 12 April 2010

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  1. I saw the movie for the first time on sunday, the 21st of March. I’ve seen it two more times since then and I’m thinking of going to the 7PM show tonight.

    I feel obsessed…help!

    Posted by Rob Heidel in Simi Valley ,

  2. I’ve read the first Dragon, this guy is a genius, he’s like the Beatles, he writes in a way that everybody can understand with exceedingly complex stories, that are multi layered, and runs you all around the tree and turns you into porridge. Then you realise you were butter all the time. I suspect this Stieg of the dump may have faked his own death.

    Posted by Twizzle in Maidstone ,

  3. Loved the movie … loved Salander. She is an awesome protagonist. Movie just arrived here in Massachusetts USA. Such a shame to lose Larssen. His works are master pieces.

    Posted by Jo-An in Hatfield MA USA ,

  4. Hmmm… Avatar started in over 4000 theaters in the US. The Girl started in 43 (!).

    Strange (yes, I’m being ironic…) that foreign movies doesn’t make any money in the US.

    (the per screening numbers are great, though)

    Posted by Chris ,

  5. my mom -i’m 13- made me see the first movie yesterday -she says i need more culture, plus she lived in sweedan for two years durning colllage as part of some program- and all i knew about it then was that it was an international best selling series and it was a mysterys -i LOVE mysterys- and i LOVED the movie! so great! dare i say even better than entire season of Monk! right after me and my mom went to the book store to get the second book to find out what happens

    i just hope they didnt leave anything out of the first movie or else i might get confused. lol.

    it was sold out at the theather me and my mom went to so you know. we actually got there 20 minutes early to get good seats ect, but it was sold out. we had to wait another hour till the next showing but i’m not complaining because i spent that hour at the juicy couture store lol.

  6. The movie is so great that I want to see it again! The actors are great, too. I just hope they won’t butcher the story in attempting to remake it to a US film version.

    Posted by Gwenh in Miami, FL ,

  7. What a frigging amazing storyteller Larsson is. Irresistible. i couldn’t put the books down. Spellbinding. Saw the Swedish movie and am not looking forward to the US version only because they believe that happy endings bring in money and they overlook the essence of the storyline to make a buck. Yet again, I hope they prove me wrong. Too bad Larsson has passed on. What other amazing stuff could he have given us?

    Posted by MabelleO in TrtoCanada ,

  8. the girl with the dragon is due to be released on dvd july 2010 (swedish vesion)

    Posted by jitoosie in stow ,

  9. Seeing it for the third time and taking another friend to share the experience. I’ve read the first and second books and although the screen play is slightly different from the book the editing of the book to make the movie is excellently done. The screen writer took chapters of material and with well thought out editing relayed that material in a glance or a look or a sentence of dialog that completely captures the meaning of all that written material. Brilliantly done. I can’t wait for Plays With Fire to hit the States. I also protest the lack of screening sites, I have to drive over a hundred mile round trip to the nearest “art” theater that shows subtitled films. What a shame! But worth the trip.

    Posted by AdoAnnie in Gulf Coast, TX ,

  10. I’m just mentioning, the monday night show here in our mid-sized midwestern town was totaly 100% sold out. Yes, I did say, Monday night showing.

    Posted by Gloria in Springfield Mo. ,

  11. Seeing the first Girl film was like a quiet MamaMia. Full to capacity and everyone in every seat knew exactly what would happen next. 2 hours flew past.

    I fear, though, that Hollywood may just do a better job – in terms of what has to be omitted and in subliminal instant character building needed to pack the whole into a digestible sized film.

    Noomi Rapace was an ace choice!

    Posted by Phil in Ardgay ,

  12. The movie was excellent

    Hollywood is going to F**K it up when they go and film it. Brad Pitt …. can you imagine as

    Kalle Blomquist … I sure can’t and Carrie Mulligan come on now …

    Why do they even need to film the movie ???

    MONEY thats why!

    Posted by aj in boston ,

  13. will be watching Swedish version first OF COURSE!

    Did someone say Brad Pitt as Maikal in US version???????? Let me think about that one…..

    Posted by Barb in Regina, Saskatchewan ,

  14. helou, people!

    I’m brazilian and i saw the first movie last night! I’ve read the 3 books before, and I loved the brilhiant job of the actor and actress – Micke and Lisbeth. I’m addicted in Millenium too!

    Posted by Graciella in Santo André- Sp, Brazil ,

  15. I read Tom Hanks will play Kalle Blomquist. I didn’t see the movie because they never show foreign films within 25-30 miles of where I reside. I have it on my calendar to rent the DVD on July 6th when it is released. USA remakes typically pale from the original. The books are so Swedish in mood and culture; I’ll go see it in the US version but don’t expect to be positively impressed.

    Posted by Jan Tjernlund ,

  16. OMG!! Did not know that Hollywood was getting into the picture (pardon the pun). I sincerely hope that they don’t butcher the books – surely they wouldn’t dare!

    Posted by Cheryl in Brisbane, Australia ,

  17. I think the casting director should look at ARCHIE PANJABI

    who portarys Kalinda in The Good Wife. As soon as I

    started reading the books – I saw Archie Panjabi in my mind’s eye.

    It is she who I pictured through out the 3 books. Think about it, that’s all I can say.

    Posted by Marsha H. in USA ,

  18. I agree that Tom Hanks would be a good choice.

    Just can’t see Brad Pitt, although he is great,

    but Tom Hanks…..

    Posted by Marilyn K. in USA – NY ,

  19. How is Hollywood going to tie up all of those loose ends in an hour and a half, like they usually do? If the movie is going to be remade in English then I would prefer a director/producer from outside of Hollywood. I fear the focus may be on the violence and the sex, and they will miss the nuances of the characters.

    Posted by Millicent in Brisbane ,

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