Girl Who Played With Fire Plot Hole

While reading the Girl Who Played With Fire, I was very close to finishing it until I reached page 657. My eyes fixated on one portion of the text, it was a huge gaping plot hole staring right back at me (in my opinion).

So hear me out…

Throughout the entire book, all of Sweden is looking for Salander, she is on the front page of every newspaper. I’m assuming she’d be known as a fugitive internationally even.

So how is it that when Blomkvist is reading through her mail from her P.O. Box, (on page 657) and he gets to the letter from her real estate agent who sold her the luxurious apartment (she had been hiding out in the entire book). AND HE KNOWS HER REAL NAME, IT’S ADDRESSED TO MS. SALANER (NOT IRENE NESSER)! That he would not inform the police or clue them in to where she was hiding out… Like I said she was wanted on such a grand scale that no one could overlook it, or not be informed of it. So if he did know, which he did, he would be legally obligated to inform the Police or he’d be charged with embedding a fugitive.

…Am I right?? Let me know your thoughts!

Posted by ZNicodemo in Kutztown, PA , 18 November 2010

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  1. No gap here in my mind, there are several references where Mikael admits he should legally be disclosing information but does not out of loyalty to Lisbeth. He even tells his sister that he may have need of her legal services when certain things come out.

    Posted by Sven in Toronto ON ,

  2. I think he’s referring to the real estate agent, who does have her address. But maybe the real estate agent sold her the house and didn’t think twice about it? After all, if i’m not mistaken the letter was written a few months before she was accused

    Posted by Jay in Wellington, NZ ,

  3. I was referring to the Real Estate Agent, I realize he sold her the spacious apartment long before she was a fugitive. But she was a fugitive on such a grand scale I would imagine he would’ve caught wind of it.

    Posted by ZNicodemo in Kutztown, PA ,

  4. I believe the letter is in fact from her solicitor and therefore, he would tend to put confidentiality above the law.

    Posted by Kaylie in Cambridge ,

  5. Yes the purchase was organised through an offshore trust company ‘Wasp enterprises’ or some similar name through her solicitor in Gibraltar. That is not apparent however in the secondbook.

    Posted by patrick Selley in Exeter UK ,

  6. Considering that her solicitor would receive a fee or percentage/commision for his services. And considering the amount that the estate was valued at.. He would have recieved a hefty sum, and, I’m quite sure, wouldn’t be making any complaints to who his client was. How’s a multi-million dollar real estate agent gonna make the big bucks if he’s worrying about how the rich got rich? Hmmm? Mr. Solicitor took his payment and shut the hell up. I think that answers yer question.

    Posted by Rxfae in Vancouver BC ,

  7. In the beginning of the novel, If I recall correctly, it was partly for this purpose that she chose a corrupt solicitor to be in charge of her finances… didn’t she even threaten him with blackmail… my books currently aren’t with me, so it may be a while before I can present the page numbers….

    Posted by darkewe in Elsewhere ,

  8. Since agent considered/treated Salander as a stupid child and was eager to get rid of her, it would not be impossible that he dismissed her completely from his micro-mind after the door closed behind her. But then, I have only read thru pg. 120 in Vol. 2 so I might not have a complete picture.

    Posted by Glendalough in La Place, louisiana ,

  9. How in the world did Kalle subdue Neiderman? This giant killer was afraid of nothing but the dark! Also what was in the box that Lisbeth’s mother left to her?

    Posted by Burton Gilman in Laguna Woods, Calif. ,

  10. Lisbeth didn’t use the real estate agent, he pissed her off. She used her secret money manager in Gibraulter to make the purchase. I believe she also hacked the real estate guy’s info and put the tax authorities onto him. Her partner in Gibraulter will never betray her (you’ll see) There’s no hole

    Posted by dale monahan in portland oregon ,

  11. The transaction to purchase the apartment was conducted through a third party who provided the name of the buyer and funds for the transaction to the Real Estate agent. At no time was Salander’s name used in the transaction so there was no reason for the Agent (at her new apartment) to make the connection.

    Posted by Kelly in Henderson, NV ,

  12. read the third novel, ‘girl who kicked the hornet’s nest’ and all your answers will be there. Steig leaves no holes

    Posted by ny in nyc ,

  13. Agreed, there is no hole in regards to this question (and I’m waiting for the paperback version for the third book)…however…how is it that the police forensics team couldn’t rule out diminutive Lisbeth as the shooter…there should have been a huge discrepancy in the angle…Maybe I’ve been watching too many CSI episodes?!

    Posted by litehearted in toronto ,

  14. The letter was dated January 24, before any of the drama about the murders began. He may not have said anything post-murder, but the letter didn’t have anything to do with that.

    Besides, do you know about a serial killer they’re looking for in China, Gibraltar (where the letter came from), or even Mexico? Probably not. I’m sure he didn’t even have a reason to care.

    Posted by Alyssa in St. Louis, MO, USA ,

  15. 1 You’d be surprised at how clumsy state agents can be (believe me, I know)

    2 With the huge comission he must have received for selling a 25 mill. SEK I’m not surprised he didn’t say anything

    3 He was in Gibraltar and what is big news in Sweden is probably not news over there.

    Posted by Gabriela ,

  16. Unlike “most of us that are honest”…we do know that the original man she’d met with for the new apartment treated her as though she were a “joke” with they way she looked, and he, she found through her highly-skilled ways, found that he’d been stealing from the company and reported him. The company was probably relieved to find someone to pay their extremely high price, no matter WHO it is.

    Posted by Joyce in Syracuse, New York ,

  17. Burton: he had a gun that he took from Zala’s house.

    Posted by Veronica in Södra Ängby ,

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