There are some parts that seem only to have been written by a woman. It seems diffucult that a man could understand how a woman feels when she is getting raped or stalked. Those parts depicting Bjurman’s rape of Lizzie and Erika getting harassed could only be written by Eva Gabrielsson. That is just my opinion, of course, but seems highly possible in any case.

Posted by Andrew Situq in Fremantle , 14 December 2010

By Editor

4 thoughts on “Gabrielsson a co-author?”
  1. Me too, just as Mick B must be based on the writer himself. Thats what makes the book feel so real !

    Posted by Bad Boy in Lisbon ,

  2. If I co-authored a book, I would definitely make sure I got credited for that. Same if I was the main author, I would make sure my co-author was mentioned. Everything else would be shameful.

    Posted by Tom ,

  3. Probably Eva did so out of goodwill and kinship. Nothing more.

    SL’s sudden death seems to have been fortold in TGWKTHN when Hakan Morander of Svenska Morgon-Poston popped it when his ticker decided to blow.

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