Future Life for Lisbeth

Here are my thoughts on future possibilities for Lisbeth Salander.

1. Television series

2. The new Doctor Who companion

3. Lisbeth and Adrian Monk team-up

4. Lisbeth and Rorschach (The Watchmen) team-up

5. The new Bond Girl (She kind of is the new Bond girl.)

Ok, the first one is for real but the rest are not.

Posted by HP Lovecat in Syracuse, NY , 30 January 2012

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18 thoughts on “Future Life for Lisbeth”
  1. What I would love to see is another book about Lisbeth–and I would love to see her interact more with her former guardian, the one who had the stroke, and with Blomkvist and Anita. The ending of the third book was on an up note–maybe Lisbeth would begin to have a more active friendship with the three?

    Posted by Tina Loflin in Salisbury, NC ,

  2. I always imagine a fourth book that continues Salander’s story, I’d like to know more about her childhood and more about her and her guardian who had a stroke… I also want to know what happens to Mikael!!! aaah… stieg larsson you died and left so much behind :(

    Posted by charlotte in somewhere! ,

  3. Loved the trilogy.

    I also hope that book 4 gets published. My theoretical storyline continues from where we left off. This time Berger’s life is threatened as a result of her exposing the board member at SMP and his child labour connections – Blomkvist and Salander re-unite to protect her and her husband as they follow the trail to some seriously dangerous international crooks amongst the worlds’ largest corporations. It seems the only thread of possible danger left open that would unite our main protagonists.

    Posted by Andy (Kalle) T in Budapest ,

  4. I’ve often wondered about Camilla. In the books she is mentioned rarely but if I remember correctly there were a number of instances in which she is brought up merely to contradict something that Lisbeth might have said (as in the statements about Zala’s abuse of the mother). I often wonder if in later books Larsson might have constructed the anti-Lisbeth or Lisbeth’s greatest nemesis. But in a way it sounds far too predictable and almost “superhero comic book” stuff to go that route. That direction might have been the low road. Perhaps Camilla would have her own interesting story to tell. Perhaps she also might have been an outlier, a sojourner, an interesting and paradoxical problem-solver. Sure do wish someone would/could take up the mantle.

    Posted by SHC in Illinois, USA ,

  5. I would also want to know about her dang, twin sister, before I came to this site I did not realize there were suppose to be 10 books and I could not, for the life of men figure out, ‘why a twin?’

    Posted by Quincy in Dallas ,

  6. I would especially had liked to know about Listbeth’s twin sister, Camilla. when i finished book 3 I wondered why stieg larsson even mentioned Camilla if he would never present her, but then I learned that he would have written allot more books! I still wonder…

    Posted by lalia in Oslo ,

  7. I think Blomkvist/Salander pair up to find Camilla. I can’t see Blomkvist leaving Lisbeth apartment at the end of book three. I think she tells him that she was the one who nailed her half brother to the floor of the warehouse. But I believe Blomkvist already knew. I would like to think that Blomkvist gave his sister a heads up about Lisbeth’ feeling for him and that is why he broke his word and showed up to her place without being invited (her brother’s capture was pretense). If I were to write a fanfiction, I would have them in bed and Blomkvist musing over her tattoos. She tell him that they represents all the people who have hurt her, he asks if one of them represents him, she say no- that it was her fault- but as she reveals some of the tattoos, she starts wondering about Camilla and because of wanting to get rid of their inheritance from their father-Blomkvist/Salander start the search for her.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  8. I think the Swedish version of these movies is so far superior to the American version. There is just no comparison at all. After reading the books, I was wondering if Lizbeth’s sister was going to be one of the unknown bodies at the warehouse. I was so addicted to these books and am so sorry there won’t be a fourth. Deepest Sympathies for the author, one of the best.

    Posted by mmaureenbb in Genoa City ,

  9. The New Bond Girl? Lisbeth is no bond girl, she’s no one sidekick.

    Posted by Kaat in Singapore ,

  10. Personally, if someone were to create a GWDT TV series, I would only be able to completely enjoy it if Rooney Mara played Lisbeth. She has the perfect look. I love Noomi, don’t get me wrong, but she’s a bit too muscular, and not as petite as Rooney. Love ‘em both, though.

    Posted by Sara in Bloomfield, MI, US ,

  11. Fourth book speculation? Excellent. I think toward the end of book 3, several things are set up which one might expect to be elaborated in a sequel.

    The search for Lisbeth’s sister is an obvious one, she has to be found because of her father’s will.

    I too think that the Erika Berger storyline is bound to have been elaborated further. My feeling is that she’s going to have a fling with the Susanne Linder character (or drag her into a threesome with her husband), and that her un cautiously revealing that Lisbeth is a hacker to Susanne (when Lisbeth has helped her track down her stalker) is bound to create problems for Lisbeth.

    To my mind, Erika is not an entirely sympathetic character: she’s very selfish in her relationship to Blomqvist (who seems to be at the beck and call of assertive women quite a lot, his relationship with Lisbeth is quite special because he pursues it with such doggedness, despite the fact that all he gets from her for the length of two novels is rejection).

    I also wonder how the Figuerola affair pans out. I don’t buy for a moment that it is really long-term “serious” – she’s way over the top bossy, and tries to change him and make him commit to her from the moment go, which is exactly what Blomqvist does not want to do. I imagine it has blown over by Christmas, when he visits Lisbeth in her flat.

    I think Blomqvist, too, has emotional problems which are in some way similar to Lisbeth’s, and I wonder if he’ll learn to stand up to all these women who always boss him around? That would be interesting. What he an Lisbeth share is a knowledge of what it is like to be powerless – in the first book, Blomqvist is exposed to all the same things as Lisbeth is in the second (a judicial setup, a prison sentence, being slandered in the media, being nearly killed by a madman) and that knowledge links them together.

    And it did seem to me that the whole topic of human trafficking got a bit short-changed in the third book, when the Säpo conspiracy took over, so one would have hoped to see that aspect developed further in a fourth book – which would also tie it in more with the themes of the first.

    Alas, I guess there is no way of knowing, now. :(

    Posted by Asni in Wellington ,

  12. PLease please someone finish the fourth and think about 5-10. The world wants more Lisbeth!!

    Posted by BMT in Toronto ,

  13. I think Camilla has to make an appearance. As I read the third book I really thought that Zala ended up using his own daughter as a prostitute of worse…. She seemed to be the Lisbeth’s Yang…. Or maybe the girl is the one who really is crazy and yet they committed Lisbeth. As I read the book it fascinated me that Lisbeth has more of her father’s attitude where Camilla seemed more like their Mother. But Lisbeth’s MORAL compass is far better than Zala the creep! It seems that Stieg would have not brought Camilla up if he did not decide to bring her into the series. Also I would agree that Adrian Monk and Lisbeth would be an interesting pair! And yes LISBETH is my real name

    Posted by Lisbeth in Utah, USA ,

  14. Lisbeth and the Doctor would be interesting in a cat and dog way. I could picture her getting easily annoyed with him…..especially if she knew about the way the 10th doctor treated time travel and altering history.

    Posted by Jade in New Jersey, USA ,

  15. This is why I believe in fanfiction lol. Camilla is my major pet peeve because Larsson was always sort of teasing us throughout the trilogy with her, but never writing her in. I entertain the notion that Camilla is just as sick and twisted as Zala, because there has to be a reason Lisbeth hates her so much.

    Posted by inkopah in jacumba ,

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