Funny Unatractive Spanish title translation

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo = The who didn’t love the women

The girl who played with fire = The girls who used matches and gas

The girl who kicked the hornest nest = The queen in the air current palace….

by the way take a look at the covers they are incredibly depressing. Bad job in marketing….

Posted by paula in Miami , 26 June 2011

By Editor

11 thoughts on “Funny Unatractive Spanish title translation”
  1. Paula, Have you ever thought the possibiity that some of those “unattractive” names are closer to the original Swedish titles than the English versions you seem to like?

    Posted by exfat in aspirina ,

  2. the same titles in portuguese too…but the second book is “the girl who played with fire”,the only difference…very lameeee

    Posted by Thiago in Sao Paulo ,

  3. acctually exfat is right the spanish titles while i agree sound rather unatractive are closer to the swedish titles though the original titles sound better (man some hatar kvinor-men who hate women as an example)

    Posted by benwashear in a place ,

  4. Loving the books and taking my time with the last one. (Although talk of third on partners laptop.) I would have liked a less menacing picture on the front as she looks at me from my bedside table just before I go to sleep.:-)

    Posted by Chocie in England ,

  5. They’re direct translations from the Swedish originals. But I personally think that the English titles are better for the English books. They certainly capture a certain mystical feeling. And they’re great for marketing, too. But I love the original Swedish titles equally.

    Posted by WaspNest in New Lands ,

  6. duh…!?! Those are actually the original swedish titles! – direct translations from the swedish (same in portuguese)

    Posted by Manuel in Lisboa ,

  7. Only the first book’s Spanish title is a semi-direct translation of the original Swedish title (roughly “Men who hate women” in Swedish, “Men who didn’t love women” in Spanish)). The other two Spanish titles come from the editors’ imagination…

    Posted by Ricardo in Madrid ,

  8. I’m sorry, but the Spanish titles are a direct translation of the ones chosen for the French edition:

    * Les hommes qui n’aimaient pas les femmes

    * La fille qui rêvait d’un bidon d’essence et d’une allumette

    * La Reine dans le palais des courants d’air

    Does someone know why?

    Posted by Javier in Madrid ,

  9. I actually find the english translation a travesty. I am sure Larson would not have let that pass. “Men who hate women” is much more powerful and actually reflects the general philosophy behind the triology. Ultimately that is waht all three books are about.

    Posted by clea in london/madrid ,

  10. Those titles are the direct translation of the swedish book. i read the books in french and in english since i am bilingual and the titles in french are:

    -Les hommes qui n’aimait pas les femmes=the men who hated women

    -La fille qui revait d’une alumette et d’un bidon d’essence= the girl who dreamed of a match a a gasoline tank

    -La reine dans le palait des courants d’air=the girl in the palace of air currant

    I have to admit that the 3rd book is sorta weird..

  11. May be for some people that don’t speak spanish sounds a kind of weird, but the spanish titles are stronger than the english titles at least in the 1st and 2nd book, I agree that the 3rd don’t have nothing in common with the story,anyway the story is amazing, it has become one of my favorites of all times

    Posted by soymac in Queretaro, México ,

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