I have just finished the 3rd book.

What a fantastic ending especially after being so disapointed with the endings in other books. I purposely slowed up towards the end to really savor the story knowing there will be no more completely written by Stieg. I watched the film after each book, although I have yet to see G.W.K.Hornets Nest.

I would love to chat to my readings friends about the books but none of them will be encouraged to read them. I have read so many of the books they have recommended which have sometimes been very average. It would not cost them either as I have all three books and films.Will have to give up as I beleive they now consider me a pest : -)
Posted by Helen in England , 19 July 2011

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  1. I know how you feel Helen. The books went by too fast.

    Half way through Hornets Nest. Hate to finish it.

    Posted by Ted ,


    Since there is no time to read, I have been listening to the series. I,too, have been slowly rationing the books by ONLY listening while I use the elliptical exercise machine. Can’t wait to work out!

    Posted by Jeanne in Minneapolis ,

  3. I just finished the books a few days ago, and I too agree that the ending was great. I really loved how it all came back to Salander and Blomkvist. Knowing that there were three books in the series, I kind of knew that the endings to the first two books weren’t going to be “The End.” I’m in High School, so I definately doubt that anyone else in my school has read the books, much less the first. I, too, wish I had someone to discuss the books with in person.

    As for the movies, I didn’t like them (I still haven’t seen the third though). They didn’t capture the feel of the books, and Lisbeth seemed like she had an anger problem instead of aspergers. They seemed like made-for T.V. movies. I can’t wait for David Fincher’s adaption in December!!! Rooney Mara is the perfect Lisbeth!

    Posted by WaspNest in New Lands ,

  4. Really agree with you about films Waspnest ( great name by way). Re-: G.W.K.Hornets nest. The nail gun section in the book was fantastic and so vivid in my mind. This should have been a great scene visually but I thought it was rather a let down in the film. Niedermann wasn’t as big in the film as he was in my mind. The great debate in court about tattoo’s was missed out altogether. :(

    A work colleague has just started the first book so I am looking forward to some discussions there. Someone quoted in The Guardian newspaper “these are grown-up books for grown-up readers”. Perhaps you could put up a poster on your High School notice board to see if anyone else has read them. It might also get others interested.

    As you said lets see what the American take is on the films.

    Posted by Helen in England ,

  5. I really liked the second 1/2 of the first book and thought the second book was supposed to get good earlier in the story, but I’m on Chap. 10 and I have a hard time trying to follow the storyline with so many different characters. I really just like the one with Elisabeth. Does anyone else have a hard time following? I’m generally not a fan of mystery books but had to read these because there was so much hype and the first one was really good but when does book 2 pick up?

    Posted by Terri W. in denver, co ,

  6. Hi Terri

    When I read books with numerous characters I write their names on my bookmark for a quick reference.

    Blomkvist….Lisbeth’s fiend / ex lover

    Bjurman….horrible guardian

    Armansky…..Ex employer

    Palmgren….good first


    Persevere there are some good story lines coming up.

    Posted by Helen :-) in England ,

  7. I didn’t have any problem with book one or two, but found book three to be WAY too laborious with its intensely detailed accounts of the Sapo and SIS. I really wanted to hear about Salander, and now ….

    Posted by Lisa in Vernon ,

  8. Helen,

    I love your idea to keep track of characters!

    Terri, I’m half way through the hornets nest, so far fire is my favorite! Don’t give up on it!

    Posted by Gracie in washougal, washington USA ,

  9. Maybe I hang by myself here, but have just finished the 3rd book, all now read for the 2nd time, have seen each of the films in our Loft theatre here in Tucson, watched on Direct TV each of 1st two for 2nd time, and am about to watch the 3rd again tonight. Thought the Lis & Blomkvist characters were fantastically cast. Loved EACH of the books, and the 3rd especially – thought the detail was fascinating, and couldn’t get enough. Not sure this hasn’t been best trilogy/mystery series I have ever read. Absolutely NO complaints on stories or film (with the complexities, do you really think the movies could have done much more – would have had to be 5 hrs each?).

    Posted by Tim in Tucson, AZ, USA ,

  10. Better stop reading threads, I don’t want to know ANYTHING in advance, I’m on book 2, still have book 3 to read, it’s rare to read a “gem” never mind 3 gems. so

  11. the end to number 3 was so BRILLIANT, so simple, so grrrrreat, that I don’t want a 4th book coming out written by Stieg’s partner, of course I would be curious enough and read it, but what if it just sucks? Why fix what ain’t brokne?

    Posted by linisima in FL ,

  12. These are, quite simply, the best 3 books I have read in a LONG time….1st one really good, then the 2nd one blew me away…..hated to finish the 3rd one….Helen and Terri, I too get easily bogged down by too much detail, and I hear you, but it is such a pleasure to soak up his writing style, and the anticipation!!!!! I put this trilogy right up there with books like Shogun (totally different genre I know!), Shibumi, Lord of The Rings, Dune…..strictly for entertainment value….I know they are mysteries as opposed to Fantasy/Science Fiction, historical fiction, etc. but in the same class for entertainment value…..maybe the best mystery thrillers I have ever read…..but isn’t every good novel a mystery?!?!

    Posted by Barney in Cincinnati ,

  13. Helen, I feel your pain, girl! I’d borrow your books. Quick question: Blomkvist or Salander?

    Posted by Leigh in Madrid ,

  14. Hi Terri. I’m reading the third book now. It is a bit hard to follow because of all the characters and also the fact that the scene changes just as something is about to happen. I started reading them beacuse I saw so many people reading TGWTDT. I figured there was something good about it and I’m glad I started them. I’m normally not a fan of mysteries but these are excellent.

    Posted by Wasa in New York, ,

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