Following traffic rules in Sweden

It’s interesting how people in Sweden seem to follow some traffic regulations to the dot, no matter what:

– Paolo Roberto in the 2nd movie: as he obeys the traffic lights, the van nearly escapes…

– Lisbeth in the 2nd movie: a suspected triple murderer on the run, she obediently fastens her seat belt in the rented VW, whenever driving…

– the bikers & Lisbeth in the 2nd movie: a helmet on a Harley: come on…

– Lisbeth towards the end of 3rd movie – arrives to the abandoned brickwork in the middle of nowhere, where she is about to fight for her life with Niedermann etc., BUT: before entering the building, she locks the Audi with the remote…


Posted by Dusko Milic in Ljubljana , 27 January 2011

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6 thoughts on “Following traffic rules in Sweden”
  1. Hmmm, I would have thought it was obvious really.

    In countries where these things are law and carry heavy penalties, the criminal would be less conspicuous by adhering to these laws.

    My understanding is that Swedish Law Enforcement is more militant than ours here in Australia.

    Here in Australia, you would not under any circumstances ride a motorbike without a helmet. You could guarantee that you would be picked up and pulled over almost instantly.

    Posted by Byron in Melbourne Vic ,

  2. I would be totally surprised if the Hollywood version now in production will follow the Swedish traffic regulations like the like the first movies did. I loved seeing Lizbeth buckle up. It’s a cultural thing and one of many endearing qualities that make me think that the American version won’t hold a candle to the original.

    Posted by hilogreg in Hawaii ,

  3. Most of this stuff, like putting on your seatbelt is unconcious, like locking your car. Also, I agree with Bryon, you must were a helmet or get pulled over withing ten km. It would have been more realistic if it was one of those barely legal helmets with “worn under protest” on the front. That would fit with the Outlaw ethos of the two bikers she stole the bike and helmet from.

    Posted by Chris in Toronto ,

  4. Yeah, but who knows how Swedish bikers act? I remember an ad 30 years ago in France about helmet laws which featured two totally naked people, man and woman on a motorcycle driving through Paris rush hour, both with helmets on.

    Helmet laws in Europe are very strict and the fines are very expensive.

    Posted by Rob in Toronto ,

  5. Insurance companies observed that in States with helmet laws there were far fewer paralyzed survivors of motorcycle accidents than in states without. With helmets they die. Dead is cheaper–they write a check from a schedule where the neck and spine injuries live out their lives impaired. That’s expensive. Law enforcement is encouraged to enforce those laws and it is easy because it so obvious.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  6. Actually traffic rules like seat belts and motor helmets exist for a reason. You can ignore laws, but not laws of nature. Not even if you’re on the run or in hot pursuit…

    Posted by uknowitmakessense in vittula ,

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