i watched the movie today was disgusted by it ! i hated all the characters they all had a fucked up side to them ! this movie only promoted violence and rape and only sickos would enjoy this movie !

it made me feel really small as a women to watch the rape scenes as i did not think Lisabeth who is meant to be really clever would be belittled like that ! i mean surely she must have known the fat guy was not right in the head !

i think the movie concentrated too much on the rape and violence scenes rather than on the main plot of solving where harriet was ! in my opinion the movie is very perverted and where the author got the idea to make such a story is beyond me !!

this move would have been a higher rating than an 18 if that was possible ! the scenes were just brutal and sickening !

urghhhhh i hated the movie rant over !!!

san x i boro
Submitted: 9 January 2012

By Editor

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