Fincher will shoot sequels back to back!

As it appears from an interview with Directer David Fincher, the directer plans to shoot “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest” back to back.

I for one am ecstatic about this…less waiting and the films will flow together as they should.

Whats everyone elses thoughts on this news..?

Posted by Michael in Louisiana , 1 January 2012

By Editor

10 thoughts on “Fincher will shoot sequels back to back!”
  1. well, fincher has NEVER EVER EVER EVER let me down, therefore i am positive about the result… i will watch the GWTDT in a few days and i hope it is as good as the trailer (kick-ass trailer)

    Posted by will in somewhere in europe ,

  2. to be honest i cant wait for the other 2 movies as the first one was brilliant.expecting greatness.

    Posted by trinity ,

  3. Why not tarantino? Because these characters actually need a story and some emotional depth. After reading the books, why would you want a movie with really awful looking blood, overuse of cuss words, and boobs all over?

    Posted by Ismael in Cleveland ,

  4. My only hope is a faithfulness to the essence of books two and three.

    Posted by in syracuse,newyork ,

  5. Lisbeth isn’t an action hero. Tarantino doesn’t know how to develop characters. I rather have Fincher finish the trilogy and not hack it up like the last two Swedish version were hacked to pieces by using different directors.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  6. I just finished the first two thirds of the trilogy and am well on my way to the climax in book three. Spellbinding fiction. Very thought provoking with intense suspense and written by a true artist/craftsman/journalist Stieg Larsson. I was so sorry to find out he died at such a young age. I have already ordered the film. Five Stars for the books.

    Posted by Hal Grothjan in Irvine CA ,

  7. The Girl Who Played with Fire will not be filmed in 2012 or for the first half of 2014. Both Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara have accepted other roles and will be filming until mid 2013.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  8. Fincher has since pulled out of the Directing chair. He says that he’s realised that the 2nd and 3rd books have too many plot-holes and as a result, even his skills can’t paste over them

    Posted by JI in Ireland ,

  9. I’m so glad. This is this generations Godfather saga. I think David is the only one who could translate the next two books to the screen. Just don’t release it during Christmas. Try Feb 14th as the release date. Silence of the Lambs was release on that date.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

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