Film 1 released in Brazil


this is for the brazilian fans, the first film will be out during the 33rd international film festival in Sao Paulo, starting October 23rd.

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Posted by Barda in Sao Paulo , 15 October 2009

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6 thoughts on “Film 1 released in Brazil”
  1. Is it available on DVD here in Brazil yet?? I want to see it in Swedish with Nordic (Swedish, Danish or Norwegian) subtitles

    Posted by Aliz in Sao Paulo ,

  2. Not to my knowledge. But the movie will come back to big screen apparently Dec 27th. Then it´s going to be with the orginal sound in swedish with subtitles in Portuguese.

    Posted by barda in são Paulo ,

  3. I missed the first film in Brazil… When will it be available in DVD (Reg. IV, with Portuguese subtitles)?

    Posted by Marcelo in Salvador ,

  4. Millennium 1 is now confirmed for commercial launch on April 23rd in Brazil. Hurra!

    Posted by barda in São Paulo ,

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