Of all the women for Blomkvist to claim he thinks he’s fallen in love with. Figuerola? Does anyone see this as a bit of an anti climax? For instance in GWPWF he shows a lot of interest in Harriet Vanger and wanting her. Obviously Erika and him have a thing that will never subside and they truly care about each other. He also seems to care about Lisbeth very much and I don’t think it is entirely because he owes his life to her. I think they are genuine feelings. From the moment he comes face to face with Figuerola he just seems, for want of a better word (that I effing HATE to use) sort of ‘meh’ about her. He shows no interest! It is sex, yes. Though he has shown more interest and feelings for Cecilia Vanger and Lisbeth for crying out loud. All of a sudden he’s gazing out of the window in Berger’s office declaring his love for her? Throughout the Hornets’ Nest from the moment she was introduced, he doesn’t think about her, he doesn’t plague her for her company and she seems obsessed with him and jealous of Berger.

Does anyone else think that it was a bit far fetched?

Posted by Kit in Yorkshire, UK , 27 Mars 2011

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  1. I completely agree with Kit. I was baffled (and a little disappointed) that it was Figuerola Blomkvist was claiming to be falling for. Why her?! It just didn’t fit. I can understand infatuation, but love?! Blomkvist had deeper connections with each of the other women in his life. The only thing he seemed to have going with Figuerola was sex. There just wasn’t enough history and substance to their relationship for him to be “falling in love” with her.

    Posted by Rylie in Oregon, USA ,

  2. Well, I’m not at the end yet, but my assessment of his feelings for Figerola are attraction and challenge. She is like an olympic athlete and he falls for her. Eventhough he states he might be in love with her, I am not convinced. I think he is a man who commits to several women.

    Posted by MLM in Cairo, Egypt ,

  3. Same answer as to a lot of other questions up in the air, there are supposed to have been more books.

    Posted by Bestseller in Bangkok ,

  4. In my opinion its about men falling for powerful women…the book discusses the role played by women (warriors) in shaping our world. Mikael’s character is best described as one who thinks of himself as a friend & proctecter while being a “Free Spirit” – with no real attachment to any of the women in his life. However, in Figuerola he finds someone who is smart, sexy and excudes physical power.

    Posted by AJ in India ,

  5. To MLM- just because he can’t commit to just one woman doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love with one. This was one of the things I loved about the trilogy- I see a lot of myself in Blomkvist’s relationships to love, sex, friendship, loyalty, honesty, and integrity. Perhaps not is irresistibility, but most of it rang true for me personally, as rare a type as I am in my own circles. And as for the main argument, Blomkvist doesn’t know what he wants. The end of the third book wasn’t nearly sposed to be the end of the series, so who knows how long he and Figuerola would have lasted. Perhaps it was just infatuation.

    Posted by jose in brooklyn ,

  6. don’t you girls see? He has been shut out of Lisbeth’s life. By her. He truly loves Salander, the whole final book is his effort to win her back. I as a man can see how hurt he is by her rejection; however warranted. Figuerola is just a close resemblance to the woman Blomkvist really loves, and he has trouble differentiating.

    Posted by Chris R in St. Albert ,

  7. I agree with Kit. The Figuerola character in a romantic capacity for Blomkvist was a disaster. I never believed them, or rather *his* falling in love with her. It just seemed out of character for him. And her jealousy/hostility toward Erika completely turned me off. I saw more chemistry between he and Salander although I prefer them as friends.

    I guess ultimately I would rather have seen him with Erika Berger. They captured me from the first book, and despite the unusual relationship there was a genuine love there.

    Posted by Andrea in Edinburgh ,

  8. Chris R. Yes! And that woman is Berger! Too many similarities, but I agree with Andrea that Berger had amazing chemistry with him.

    Posted by Julie K in Norwich, UK ,

  9. I totally agree Kit. I see that he has a somewhat cavalier attitude toward sex but with Erika, and Lisbeth too I guess, he truly does care for them. The thing with Figuerola however, came out of left field but at the same time was so predictable. I don’t know what Larsson was thinking with that one.

    Posted by Caroline in Nottingham ,

  10. Remember that in “The Girl with the Dragon…” it was stated that Erika left him alone during his other relationships…so this is not the first time, and probably not the last.

    I just learned of his death and am feeling very deprived and bereft.

    Posted by Cheryl in Beaumont TX ,

  11. OK….I agree with everyone. Perhaps I was just jealous, since I identified with BOTH Lisbeth and Erika….But as you all say, there was to have been another book….and I’d guess( and hope ) that by the end of the 10th one, Lisbeth AND Erika would still be Micke’s love interests. In any event, can’t remember having ever been so engrossed in mystery novels. Wonderful, wonderful writing!

    Posted by Linn in Pahoa, Hawaii ,

  12. Sigh…I don’t know. I think maybe that’s the sign of a good story-teller, though – they leave you slightly unsatisfied. But if it were me, Salander any day; and probably because with her it was first and foremost a friendship with strong roots.

    Posted by Lulú in Ostend ,

  13. I think that the Figuerola(Chris R is right) is close to an undamaged Salander but also similar to Berger in her initial casual approach to Mikael. I juggled 3 or 4 casual “friends w/benefits” in my mid 20’s(will be 60 soon) can’t imagine or fathom that at Mikael’s age

    Posted by Paddio in Jacksonville FL ,

  14. It is my belief that their relationship would have maybe not picked up where it left off but have been greater, no holding back. He was no longer at a loss to her as she knew everything about him and yet would not share more than her body with him. Now they are one equal fields. She claimed to have looked at him and felt nothing but I think she was lying to herself. Figuerola was available to him, she was also very jealous as she made clear to Berger and I don’t think Mikael would have bowed to her in severing his relationship with Lizbeth and when push came to shove Lizbeth would have pushed back at her causing Mikael to choose. Being the free spirit he envisions himself to be he would have felt trapped with Figuerloa. Besides, Lizbeth was gone, Berger had disappeared into SMP, Harriet went back to Australia so he filled the void.

    He felt betrayed by Lizbeth and had no idea why she refuted every attempt he made to contact her. I believe that before their night was over they would have discussed it, sort of it is hard to say what she would have told him. She was new into telling people what she was actually thinking but I think he would have continued to pressure her. But all in all she trusted him, he invaded every aspect of her life and yet his championed her, he saved her life and after knowing all her dark secrets he was still there standing infront of her asking to come in.

    If not that night, I think Palmgren would have made her discuss her feelings for Mikael during their regular chess games. I do believe that they would have fallen into another adventure and would end up together. I think he would have gotten over his thoughts of being too old for her and she would have finally told him she loved him, she was so close before.

    Posted by Donna in Buffalo, NY ,

  15. Donna, I totally agree with you. That why in Hornet’s Nest, Lisbeth held the door wide open to Mikael. It’s interesting that in the third book, Mikael is not mentioned at all after the trial, except for calling his sister every ten minutes to get in contact with Lisbeth. I also believe Annika gave Mikael a little heads up that Lisbeth “is” in love with him. So when Lisbeth went away for awhile, I would think Mikael did some soul searching and realized his love for Lisbeth. The capture of Nierdnam was an excuse for him to finally tell her how he felt and find out if she felt the same.

    Because Larsson skipped writing the 4th book because he found the 5th book more interesting of a story. Mikael and Lisbeth off on another adventure to Canada and Ireland in search of Camilla. If Larsson would have lived the 4th book, I suspect, would of been about closing out loose end: Lisbeth/Mikael, Mikael/Monica, Mikael/Berger relationship, the trials for Neiedrman(who I think would escape from police/prison) and that would of been another semi plot, discovering all of Lisbeth half siblings (some of them are involed with Lisbeth’ father’s business) and setting up for book 5.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  16. I just didn’t like that Mikael was attracted to Figuerola just because she happened to be “available”. I think some of you are on the right track in saying that Mikael is in love with Lisbeth but doesn’t recognize it as such.

    Posted by Amethyst in Tornado Alley, USA ,

  17. I am greatly disappointed at the casting of Monica Figuerola in the third film. She is supposed to be a physical presence to say the least and instead we get a theater actress of average size (5’6) and patrician looks. It would seem that a woman with a muscular physique can only be a cinematic freak or sight gag and never a serious intense capable woman with a career. I did not ofcourse expect a female bodybuilder to play the role but

    I was stunned to see this character played by a Swedish version of Juliet Stevenson.

    Posted by Esoterica in Joplin, Missouri ,

  18. I think the Figuerola character is a total caricature: she does come out of nowhere (remember there is a similar thing with Paolo Roberto randomly appearing in the story, which I think is actually very funny) – her relationship with Blomqvist has “physical” written over it in big bold letters, she spouts a ream of platitudes about how “serious” this relationship is, and of course she is trying to change Mikael and make him commit from the moment “go” – everything in the book “10 ways to scare your man away”. Besides, we are told that she is “hunting for a husband”, thinking of settling down and having kids, and I think she evaluates Blomqvist and considers him a suitable candidate. It has nothing to do with actually falling in love with someone.

    I also think the character is there to provide a foil for Lisbeth – I agree that in some ways she, like Lisbeth, is an adult Pippi Longstockings (she is very physically strong!), one who has not been damaged.

    But I think her function in the story is to make the reader realize that Mikael is not very much in touch with his own feelings – and he is very ready to do as he is told, and get bossed around by all these self-assured women in his life. Lisbeth is really the only one who gets him to make a sustained effort out of his own motivation, and in spite of all her rejection.

    I imagine that if he had been able to write another book (or seven), Larsson might have examined Mikael’s hangups, his propensity to sleep around, and how he can’t keep his fingers off Erica, which already led to his marriage blowing up in the past (while hers stayed intact). I very much wonder how he would have resolved that! Such a shame we will never know. :(

    Posted by Asni in Wellington ,

  19. Does anyone know if anyone is going to attempt to finish the series? I read somewhere Larsson left outlines.I think this mystery of the Figuerola love interest might be solved there.

    Posted by Linda in Columbia, SC ,

  20. they built it up an awful lot only to not have them end up together. thats the only reason i read the other two books. because while i loved the ending of tgwtdt i wanted some closure. i loved that they didnt end up together immediately but i was hoping it would happen eventually. a total let down. i was not feeling this figuerola person. she was annoying and came out of no where. anyone but her would make the ending just fine. harriet, erika or lisbeth preferably lisbeth. i understand that he didnt want to end it with a supermegahappy cheesy wedding type ending but that was seriously disappointing. i would have been confortable with a “hey lisbeth wanna grab some coffee and sandwhiches” “sure why not.” kinda thing. thats all they seem to eat by the way. is it a swedish thing?

    Posted by ana in NYC ,

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