When Lisbeth was in the hospital, every time she was about to be discharged and sent to prison, she would develop a convient fever…..QUESTION…..was she able to raise her own temperture? Did she really have an infection to raise her temp? OR.did her Doctor fake her readings? If I recall, he was the only one who took her temp at critical times.

Posted by captgeraldo in Boston,MA USA , 27 December 2010

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5 thoughts on “Fever”
  1. I think the doctor faked it. He knew that something was going on and he wanted to help Lisbeth.

    Posted by SW in Stockholm, Sweden ,

  2. The doctor (Johanson)and Lisbeth conspired to fake the fever and other complications.

    Posted by RQ in San Francisco ,

  3. Doctors don’t take temperatures, nurses do. I too wondered how she did it but I remember one situation, (John Grisham, The Client”) where the boy exercised vigorously and was taken to hospital with a high temp and supposed shock.

    Ah well, it is fiction

    Posted by Tiny in Vancouver ,

  4. Factitious fever is a fairly common feature of malingering since it is regarded (incorrectly) as difficult to fake. Old-fashioned glass mercury rectal thermometers, if you squeeze them hard enough with your anal sphincter, can be made to read a degree or two higher. Never sell human ingenuity short!

    Posted by “Les”beth MD in Hamilton ON Canada ,

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