I purchased The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as an audiobook but this means I didn’t get the family tree that is in the book. Anyone know where I can find the family tree online?

Posted by Zoe in California , 8 April 2009

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  1. Speaking of family trees I took my paternal name back to 1700 in Sweden where a Larsson married a Bodin and the Bodinson family name began. Thought nothing of Larsson until in the second book a character named Bodin appeared. A coincidence?

    Posted by Ron Bodinson in Kansas City, Missouri ,

  2. Oops–may have answered my own inquiry. In the Axis History Factbook, one of the Swedes listed as joining the Waffen-SS in the war is Karl Axel Bodin. Larsson surely had seen that list. Interestingly there was a famous Swedish film or singing star named Lisbeth Bodin who died in 2007.

  3. Hi, I also have the audiobook – which is wonderfully produced, but without the family tree as reference it’s really difficult to follow! So if anyone can give advice on where to find the family tree online, it would be much appreciated!

    Posted by Rima in Shanghai ,

  4. Speaking of family trees, one can only hope his/hers doesn’t turn out so disastrous as the Vanger family. OK to have a few skeltons but surely not this many…literally.

    Bill in MO

    Posted by Bill Longman in Springfield, MO ,

  5. Hey Zoe , Perhaps you may like to read it again and build the Family Tree that you seek. I think it would be a worthwhile exercise .

    I have just read Kill For Me by Karen Rose , and the cast was starting to get a bit big for me in that too. Good Luck.

    Posted by Graham Thomas in Mt.Gambier,South Australia ,

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