Disgusting news that the family does not want to share the profits with Eva… she had to live with him! I have a feeling that was extremely difficult. To the family members… give Eva her share before the lawyers get it. Really odd that this is happening in Sweden… where is the equality?

Posted by Billko in CA , 11 April 2010

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  1. Eva..if you need a friend in the U.S. let me know..maybe we can publish here… you never know. The third book was too awesome not to go for broke..the 4th book will be a definate winner.

    Posted by Laura T. in Lindenhurst, IL USA ,

  2. Eva, glad I am a woman in the USA. Hope you can persevere over this injustice. Best to you.

    Posted by clwillia1comcast.net in Berkley, MI ,

  3. Shame on Larsson’s Father and Brother, they are effectively ripping Eva off. I am sure that Stieg would have wanted the woman he spent so many years with to have the control over his works – Not the Father and Brother he had so little in common with – Very Sad…… cruel how some people have to live off others when they are not good enough to do it for themselves…. (Some of the best work I have ever read)

    Posted by Deb Teazis in Melbourne Australia ,

  4. is there a 4th book? just finished 3rd one. loved them all.

    Posted by lorayne in gateshead uk ,

  5. I can only guess that the father and brother are after the money. Eva should stick two fingers up to them and complete the 4th book and find some country willing to publish it. If there was ever a court case she would get funded by the millions of fans of the novels for sure. Swedish law looks victorian.

    Posted by James in Norfolk ,

  6. Eva, I am flabbergasted by the behaviour of your former father and brother “in-law”. I will purchase your biography and the 4th book as a statement that the way this is handled is not just.

    Posted by Frank in Wellington, New Zealand ,

  7. Could we all agree not to purchase any more books til this is settled. It makes me absolutely SICK that I bought a 7$ paperback, I do NOT want his family to profit, they sound like everything Larsson was against. I’m passing my worn paperback on with express instructions to pass it along after it’s read. Or simply download it, figure out how.

    Posted by So disgusted. in USA ,

  8. Hi Eva,

    Fucking bastards comes to my mind to describe the father and his brother. Go Girl and be strong!

    Posted by Heidi Napflin in Auckland, New Zealand ,

  9. I have to have the third book of the trilogy – but I do not want the wrongful inheritors to get the money. Wish there was some way that we all could help with this gross injustice. Eva knows what Stieg would want done with the money and there is so much of it and so much more to come. Best writer I have ever read in so many ways and I admire his philosophy and courage and work!!!

    Posted by Nell Newsom in The Woodlands, Texas ,

  10. Eva, everyone who has read any of Steig’s books, knows the anguish you are suffering, (as the first thing I did upon reading ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ was google Steig and found out lots of information. Your grief and upset now compounded by the fact that his father and brother are acting in such an unfair and unjust fashion.

    Steig’s ability to keep the reader enthralled is unmatched, I can only imagine your heartache and wish to convey my sincere sympathy to you and pray that soon justice for you will follow – hang in there – the world is on your side.

    Best Wishes

    Breeda in Ireland

    Posted by Breeda in Ireland ,

  11. I’m totally disgusted. I thought Sweden was more progressive than that.

    Posted by Outraged in California ,

  12. http://www.supporteva.com

    and donate $3 for each book you read of Steigs, it will help Eva with her legal battle, cut and past this address to AS MANY posts as you can, don’t get mad about Eva’s situation- get even!

    Posted by linda Blake, NZ in new zealand ,

  13. thank you linda blake; i was going to suggest something similar. great idea and i will post on facebook. another thing that comes to mind; why can’t eva finish the 4th novel (which is apparently 3/4 complete), change a few things around, and publish under her name????

    Posted by Lauren in Sea Cliff, NY ,

  14. Dear Eva,

    I just finished the last of Stieg Larsson’s book in the Millennium Trilogy. I cannot imagine there is not going to be an other book from this very talented author. That is unless Eva wins her case, which should not even have been given a case nunber in the Swedish legal system. A father who gave up Stieg when he was only an infant does not deserve to collect a dime because Sweden of all countries has such an outdated law regarding receivership when someone dies without a written will. Shame on Sweden and shame on his very sleazy family who just wanting more money that they ever deserved. Go for it Eva, hold out and don’t let them win.

    I just finished the last of Stieg Lrssons book in the Milleneum trioligy. I cannot imagine there is not going to be an other book from the very tallented author. That is unless Eva wins her case, that should not even have been given a casenunber. Afather who gave Stieg uo when he was only an infant does not deserve to collect a dime because Sweeden of all countries has such a outdated law regarding receivership when someone dies without a written will. Shame on Sweeden and shame on his very hungry father and brother.

    Posted by Helle McMillan in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US,

  15. Eva, we in Australia sincerley hope you receive the justice that you deserve. Steig’s father and brother could be low life characters in Steig’s books. Eva, you should finish that fourth book – you really should. Millions of us are right behind you.

    Posted by Cheryl in Brisbane, Australia ,

  16. I would have thought Swedish law to be more liberal about Defacto relationships and inheritance. Ridiculous situation, why on earth didn’t he have a will? Why do humans need to be married in the eyes of religion and governments? Sick

    Posted by fifimay in Melbourne ,

  17. It’s a sad irony that Eva becomes a victim of financial abuse from the males in Stieg’s birth family. I agree with all posts ridiculing Sweden’s antiquated estate laws. But they are a modern, democratic society–surely there was an opportunity for Stieg to

    create trusts to direct book proceeds and any of his other assets to Eva.

    Let this be a lesson to all: To have an estate lawyer prepare your wills / trusts so that, upon your death, assets are directed in the way that you choose. These very important documents become your voice from the grave.

    I speak from experience when my mother died unexpectantly when my siblings and I were young. My parents were divorced. Despite that, my father moved into my mother’s house, changed the locks prohibiting us (his children into the house), and controlled my mother’s assets for 13 yrs. It cost my sibs and I over $10,000 American dollars to remove my father from the house, sell it and distribute the proceeds to myself and my siblings. It was a total living hell and from that I urge everyone to pay a lawyer to ensure that their legal and financial affairs are in order! Good luck Eva, maybe there is a legal loophole that will allow you to prevail in this case.

    Posted by tbro in Northeast, USA ,

  18. yes, tbro is right. WRITE YOUR WILL TODAY and use a lawyer to finalize it properly. i did and whenever i read of this type of problem, i am so relieved. things can be a nightmare if you don’t as was w/ tbro in the previous post. best of luck to Eva; keep up the fight as Lisbeth would.

    Posted by kckitty in kansas city, usa ,

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