Have read/listened to the triliogy & am saddened that a fourth is not soon to be forthcoming. Eva, be strong.

Posted by Susan in Colorado, USA , 19 January 2010

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3 thoughts on “Eva, be strong”
  1. It proofs what a mad world this is, if people had just a lil common sense the world would be a better place. Without going into this matter to deep I feel Eva should have a more prominent role in Stieg’s legacy only a shame that his kin has another opion.

    Eva, be strong and at least you can look in the mirror mornings and say I live good and fair

    Posted by Roy Bosma in Roermond, Nederland ,

  2. Just finished reading the third novel in the trilogy and I sincerely believe that Eva had considerable input with this writing. All future royalties and movie rights should go to Eva. I will gladly buy her biography. I wish there was some way she could have recieved money from the first three books. Insane family without morals, how unjust.

    Posted by Denise in Las Vegas, NV ,

  3. Kære Eva

    Din svigerfar og svoger ligner bondekolde og idioter. Det vil din mand Stieg også har syntes. Det er en skændsel vor deres racer.

    Jeg så dokumentaren i Danmark, og var flov på deres vejne. Uintilligente væsenener må jeg leder længe efter. Primitiv! Det var da dig som sag ved siden af Stieg, min kære forfatter. Det var da dig som støttede ham.

    Jeg vil ikke engang købe den dvd før jeg ved, at det er dig der få pengene.


    Posted by Sybil in Vejle ,

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