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the film exists with English subtitles – not done very professionally but enough to follow! Specially if you have read the book! I think the film was very true to the book!!!

Posted by Shirin Ross in Paris , 9 December 2009

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  1. I am enthralled with the books and agree with those who desire english subtitles. This is not an American movie. It is as much about Sweden and her culture as it is about violence against women in all countires. From what I saw on the trailers those actors are right for the roles. I do hope the movies get released in the States.

    Posted by Karen Winter in Waterbury, Vermont USA 9 January 2010

    Posted by karen winter in waterbury ,

  2. I googled the Swedish movie title and than added “dvd” and “English sub-title” There are lots of sites to download from. I’m not computer savy, so I had a friend download the movies of the first and second book. They’re good. I don’t know which one of the sites he used. I’m just glad to have them. I would have gladly bought from the company, but they were not available. The production co. marketing dept. really dropped the ball by not making the movies available for Christmas gifts. Lost lots of money.

    Posted by KL in Uta ,

  3. We are very fortunate in having the movie in our theatres in New Zealand with ubtitles….I was so engrossed in the movie it was not a problem trying to follow the words and understood all that was happening.. amazing movie and I would never normally go to a movie with subtitles. Have bought the books and well into the second one. Fantastic..I hope it is not remade by america, it would not be the same.

    Posted by Belles in New Zealand ,

  4. Where can I get the English subtitled version of the movie?

    Posted by James Sutherland in Highlands Scotland ,

  5. just read all 3 books and watched the first movie… think the movie was a bit disappointing – if i hadnt read the books, the story would have been a bit weak…

    Posted by tricia in irelabnd ,

  6. The 2nd and 3rd movie follow the books storyline somewhat closer …different director

    I saw the girl with the Dragon Tattoo before reading the book and was pleasantly surprised by all the little side stories and relationships that couldn’t fit in the movie

    Posted by gre ,

  7. Like anything else, everyone has an opinion!

    I read the books first and have seen the first 2 Swedish movies with subtitles…I thought they did a great job, not as bad as a poster from Paris, is that Paris, Maine or Paris, France! France, would explain your condescending attitude towards it. The movies were very good and were true to Mr. Larsson’s books, clearly not good enough for Tricia in Ireland . I’m waiting to see Hornet’s Nest showing at the end of Jan. 2011.

    Sadly, Mr. Larsson will never see the fruit of his labor…and how well his books have been received all over the World, and I do not believe for one second that it has anything to do with his passing. The trilogy made for great reading. Wish there were more transcripts and not all of this supposed material fabricated on the net.

    As I said “everyone has an opinion, me included”.

    Posted by L. Fialho in Boston, MA ,

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