English phonetic pronounciations

Is there anywhere to view phonetic pronunciations of characters names and places for English speakers?

Posted by terri mcdonald in Riverside, CA , 28 July 2010

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  1. You have to watch the movies in their original Swedish to hear how they’re pronounced. “Mi-ka-el Bloomquist” is how I heard the character’s name in the movie.

  2. Mee-kah-el Bloom-kvist

    or sometimes by his nick name Mee-keh

    Watch the movies! Have fun!

    Posted by Kim in Minneapolis ,

  3. I have been listening to the trilogy on CD and therefore do not have the written words. What is the word they use to address Lizbeth formally. Sounds like Frueka.

    Posted by Karen GTrame in Florence, KY ,

  4. Karen, the word you hear as “Frueka” is spelled “Froken” in the book (with two dots above the ‘o’). It’s a title, like “Miss” in English.

    Posted by KrisBee in Anaheim, CA ,

  5. The “ö/ø” in “fröken”, the Swedish title equal to Miss, is pronounced with the same vowel sound as “early”, “earn” or “burn”.

    Mikael Blomkvist: Mee-ka’l Bl’uhmm-kvyst

    Lisbeth Salander: Lee’sbet Salanda

    Henrik Vanger: Hen’rik Vanga (soft g)

    Hans-Erik Wennerström: Han’s-Eereek Venner-strum

    Gottfried Vanger: Gott-freed Vanga (soft g)

    Harriet Vanger: Har-ree’t Vanga (soft g)

    Martin Vanger: Mat’een Vanga (soft g)

    Holger Palmgren: Hul’ga Pa’lmgren

    Nils Bjurman: Neels B’yua-mann

    Cecilia Vanger: Ca-ceeleea Vanga (soft g)

    Erika Berger: Eereekah Bawa

    Dirch Frode: Deerk Fro-the

    Dragan Armansky: Draa-gan Amanskee

    Christer Malm: Kreester Malm

    Gustaf Morell: Gostaf Morell

    Isabella Vanger: Eesah-bellah Vanga (soft g)

    Posted by Marie~ in Copenhagen, Denmark ,

  6. Actually, Salander is prounounced Salander, Vanger is Vanger, Holger is Holger (“hard” g) and Christer is Christer, pretty well the same way they are spelled. Cecilia is prounounced like the English Cecile, but with the ia at the end, Harriet is pronounced pretty well the same in Swedish as in English. Of course these name will sound a little different with the Swedish intonation. As for any names with a W, W is prounounced as V in Swedish. The name Berger is pronounced “Behryer”.

  7. The “ö” in Swedish is like the “u” in the English word “hurt”.

    The “ä” in Swedish is like the “e” in the English word “fern”.

    The “å” in Swedish is like the “o” in the English word “boat”

    Bjurman is BEYOOR-mahn

    Kalle (nickname) is KALL-eh

    Lisander is LEES-ahn-dairr (the “r” is kind of “rolled”, like in Spanish)

    Don’t listen to Marie, she is translating into Danish – which Swedes can barely understand.

    Posted by Veronica in Södra Ängby ,

  8. Here’s how I heard names pronounced in the movie:

    Salander: emphasis on the first syllable (SAL-ander)

    Micke: MEEK-eh

    Vanger: VAN-yehr

    Those are the ones I think of right off the bat. It’s been awhile since I saw the movies.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  9. What about pronunciations for the cities? A friend of mine read the book and told me she had a hard time pronouncing the cities names

    Posted by Bella in New York, New York ,

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