Anybody know of English dubbed versions of the sound track?

Posted by sg in to , 21 Mars 2011

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  1. It is a Swedish story, set in Sweden with Swedish characters played by Swedish actors.

    Watch it in Swedish, with subtitles.

    It will do our American friends a lot of good and help then realise that there are different countries beside the USA!

    Posted by Lars in Nyköping ,

  2. I hate dubbed movies/TV shows. It seems like the lazy way to translate. I had no problem reading the English subtitles in the movies.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  3. I absloutely hate how Hollywood company in the US can buy every copyright film, regardless of where ever in the world is produced and claim it as their own. Should put stop to this since majority of people hate dubb films by US.

    Posted by Roselia316 in Sydney ,

  4. Im american and watched the swedish films before I even knew about the books, now I have read the books and I am not excited to see the american version ruin everything,,,only have seen the preview so I cant judge too harshly yet but we do know in america that hollywood ruins everything

    Posted by A.S in Bay area Ca ,

  5. Re the dub, we rented the three shows from our local video store. Brought them home, went in to the menu and selected English. It was excellant. We thought the dub was so much better than subtitles.

    Posted by Kp in Calgary ,

  6. Actually Ive watched the dubbed version of ‘Tattoo’ recently after having watched the subtitled version several times, which I own. It’s amazing how some of the dubbed voices fit well into the characters while others are completely off base.

    In watching the dubbed film I noticed more of the incredible subtle facial expressions of Noomi’s Salander character, so in keeping with Larsson’s Lizbeth…. that is something I missed while reading subtitles.

    Posted by hilodave in Hawaii ,

  7. having already seen the american version i can easily say tht it dint ruin anything.they changed a few things but stuck with the main story. mostly locations of events wer changed. not the events themselves. it was a perfect remake

    Posted by ily in newyork ,

  8. but yes the dub of the swedish version is terrible. just the fact that the voices didnt fit

    Posted by ily in new york ,

  9. I watch the Millennium Trilogy in both the English subtitles and then the dubbed version. I thought that the English dubbed was done as good as could be expected. Your not going to enjoy the movie if your object is to read lips!

    Posted by Paul in Wisconsin ,

  10. My wife does not like subtitles. We are both entering our 70’s and she was never as fast a reader as I. We have the extended Millennium Trilogy in which we have a choice so when she watches with me we watch the dubbed version and when I watch it alone I do the subtitles, I find the dubbing a distraction she finds the reading a distraction. The DVD (Bluray) is therefore a good idea for us.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  11. What everybody seems to be missing is the disney-fication of the Swedish Dragon when it was dubbed in english. Lisbeth never went to visit Mikael in the gaol and the hunt for Harriette had more scenes as well as her framing Wernstrom.

    Posted by Tessalynn29 in Edmonton ,

  12. I have gone back in the book seeking the tings lsft out in the movies. In the Fincher they left IN that Blomkvist’s daughter spots the Biblical allusion where the Swedish version has Lisbeth emailing it out of the blue. I see the rationale for each but prefer Fincher’s inclusion of Blomkvist’s past life and family connection.

    But Fincher’s finding Harriet in London I found absurd in that the Vanger’s would know since they are such bigshots who travel and knnkow people who travel and the UK is so part of the Scandinavian world.

    They have to pare away a lot to make a movie and less to make a miniseries for TV but still pruning is a necessity if just in story telling.

    The Fire left out the little scene where Lisbeth is attacked and Blomkvist is a bit of a wiless witness. but to me it was a missed opportunity to illustrate the connection between Lisbeth and Micke as I see one of the themes Larsson was building (for later books) was the socialization of a women who spent her puberty strapped down on a bed in a nuthouse.

    A lot ws left out related to Erica that enriched our notion of what she was about as a representation of the Sweden of those with greater privledge. She was also left with little connection with Lisbeth and the whole Hornets Nest–amd the Miniseries leaves us with the sense that Erica was a “weak link” in the effort of Millennium to expose “all the evil.” It was not fair to that character whose struggle was with the notion of her “career” as against her loyalty to the mission of Millennium.

    Summary: making movies from large books is going to force distortions whether its Hollywood or Sweden doing it. I think Fincher and Mara did a good job but Noomi is Lisbeth, for me

    Posted by turtle in California ,

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