The Dutch translation is not so good.

I hope the English is better.

Posted by ana dewinter in gent , 27 September 2009

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  1. Why do you think it is not that good. Have you read the original Swedish version?

    Posted by Petra in Enschede ,

  2. Petra, I have to agree with Ana. No, I have not read the Swedish version, but there are more than a few crooked sentenses in the dutch translation. Myabe it was done in a hurry. Not that I mind, the book is still fantastic.

    Posted by Margreet in Nieuwegein ,

    1. Hello

      I’m learning Flemish at my local CVO. I’m currently at level B2. I came across this trilogy today in a second hand book store and bought it, thinking it would be fun to read this summer, when my level is better (perhaps sooner).

      To me, the sentences seemed alright (I figured Swedish and Flemish probably have similar sentence structures and grammar, so the translation would be good). But I’m still learning Dutch!

      So I’m wondering: will I pick up “bad Dutch” by reading these books? I tried asking one of the sales people, but he was a Bruxellois who tried to convince me that the book was in German, because the word “die” was in the title! I told him I speak German too and assured him it was not German, it was Flemish, but he obviously didn’t have a clue!

  3. Of coutse you don’t have to have read the original version of a book to see if a translation is good. In that case you do not have to read a translation at all, do you. But you cán judge if the language it is translated into – for instance in Dutch – is allright and feels – as is if it were written by a 40/50 year old critical person. And without obvious mistakes, like for Dutch people: p.84 van 2e deel: een martelaar staat te boek als crimineel…

    But I also do read it with pleasure. Although I think of learning Swedish…

    Posted by wans in amsterdam ,

  4. Wans, I think you better brush up on your Dutch. It’s clear that ‘martelaar’ was used here in the meaning of someone who torments others. So nothing wrong with that translation at all.

    Posted by hulskof in tilburg ,

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