Does Blomkvist ever tell Lisbeth what her mistake while stealing the money was?

I just finished reading the entire series and I don’t remember Blomkvist ever telling Salander how he found out she stole Wennerstrom’s money. Did anyone find it?

Posted by Kaela in Pittsburgh , 19 April 2012

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  1. No, but he offers to tell her if she agrees to have coffee with him. Since, he was at her door at the end of Hornet’s Nest, with coffee- I speculate that he would explain as she lets him in.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  2. Blomkvist never showed evidence that it was Lisbeth that stole Wennerstrom’s money. As I understand it, he said ‘he was sure’ that it was her.

    Posted by nichirou in Stockholm ,

  3. This is not adequately explained in the book, however, bank video tapes with the ‘suspect’ clearly shown were broadcast in the television media. Blomquist saw one of these newscasts and recognised Lisbeth, even through her disguise.

    Posted by Jean Ferguson in Toronto, Canada ,

  4. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure Jean Ferguson from Toronto nailed it. I definitely remember the security footage being shown on TV in the books…

    Posted by Sara in Bloomfield, MI, US ,

  5. In the fourth book it’s supposed to explain this,

    Salander’s past and everybody who tormented her and what her tattoo’s mean are all explained in the fourth one because it becomes more central to what’s going on in the fourth book rather then what’s happend to her.

    Posted by Wasp in Stockholm ,

  6. Yes there was the footage, and Lisbeth with a wig, rounding the corner and Blomquist, smiling and saying, “Lisbeth”. that did it for me

    Posted by Beauly in Rockland ,

  7. plus there was the scene where Blomquist get the mail box key and gets her mail, opening up abank statement which , (presumably) showed a lot of money in her account.

    Posted by Beauly in Rockland ,

  8. Kaela, did you really read the book or did you just scan it? You have to read ALL the words to understand

    Posted by kaylee in albany ny ,

  9. Part of excellent writing is what the author does NOT include. Lisbeth had to borrow her seed money from Blomqvist so she could travel in disguise and move the money around. Simply, When Blomqvist saw the TV news about his enemy’s death and no mention of the money, he quickly put it together. Two very bright people.
    Some movie fans have to have everything spelled out. Sorry.

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