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After just finishing the first of the Millennium Trilogy – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” yesterday I decided I had to go online and see what other readers thought! I bought the first 2 books on Saturday last; I had no prior knowledge of the writer, but after reading the storylines, felt I might enjoy the books. It was a great read, so much going on and so many characters! Salander certainly breaks the mould!! I loved it, and am now about to start into The Girl Who Played with Fire. Only one problem, completely unrelated to the author – I have to say that I am completely in agreement with Hanna’s review (28 Aug 2008)! As I was reading the book, there were a number of instances when I felt that the language was not quite right and realised it had to be down to the translator. It is actually a real pity because for me, while I knew what was intended, the flow of the story was interrupted slightly at these sections where the translation was not quite right, and it took away from the impact. As Stieg Larsson was such a brilliant writer, it is unfortunate that people who are reading the English version do not get the exact translation and thus impact. I really hope the next 2 books have been more professionally translated and proofed. I enjoyed the book more that anything I have read in a long time and will savour the remaining two, knowing that, very sadly, there are no more to come.

Submitted: 9 Mars 2010

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