As I read each of the 3 books I would watch the Swedish film interpretation after each one.

My husband has not read any of the books but he decided to watch the first film (G.W.D.T.)with me.

He found it very difficult to follow and needed to ask a surprising amount of questions. He generally follows films particularly well.The questions he asked made me realise how little was shown and explained in the film. I wondered if most of us enjoyed the film because we had indepth knowledge from reading the book. I suppose the majority of reviews about the films come from people who have read the books.

Posted by J.T. in England , 12 February 2012

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  1. I actually find it interesting that so many people I’ve spoken to have been confused by the film adaptation (Swedish). I saw it long before I read the book, which I just finished a couple nights ago, and I wasn’t confused at all. Though, I did see it with my cousin who had read all three of the books and explained some things to me beforehand.

    I had a friend of mine watch it, without telling her anything outside of the basics, and she followed along just fine. Interesting.

    Posted by Dahlia ,

  2. Yes a number of my friends felt they needed help with the storyline.As Dahlia said they had parts of the story explained beforehand so a little difficult to say how much they would have grasped without help.

    Posted by Robert in Norway ,

  3. I watched the American version of GWDT before I read anything. I then watched the Swedish versions of GHPWF and GWKHN and was able to follow along just fine. I started reading the books afterward.

    Posted by Rob in Lakewood, WA ,

  4. What can be difficult to understand in Swedish version, are characters’ thoughts and motivations. I read the books shortly after they got translated into Polish, so I could tell, why they do what they do and who are they in general, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t know why half of the second and third film happened this way. It’s not visible enough, what is happening in peoples’ heads, which is a serious mistake, because there are many ways to show it. So, yes, someone not as familiar with the trilogy can get confused.

    Posted by Line in Poland ,

  5. I had started reading the G.W.T.D.T..had a hard time getting into it. Gave it back to my friend. Then the movie came out and it was one fast ride. Home I went and read the last five chapters, then onto the next two. Just finished the last one and I was so engrossed that I read 400 pages that day! I am wanting to read more on Lisbeth Salander.

    Posted by Karin Wright in St. Catharines, ON ,

  6. Agree with you J. T.! I would go so far as to say you have to have read all three books before being able to fully understand the first Swedish movie. Watched it together with my wife and she needed a lot of help to follow the plot (and she’s generally a very bright woman :-)

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt, Germany ,

  7. I also saw the Swedish film version before I read the books. Even though I had to read the subtitles, I totally understood what was going on. I have seen the American version as well. I don’t like as well as the original.

    Posted by Linda in Ottawa, Canada ,

  8. I totally agree with you Karin! I started the first book several times and kept putting it down…even though I had downloaded it to my nook. Last week I started it again on a long trip and now I’m halfway through TGWKTHN. I’m fascinated by Salander and Swedish culture.

    Posted by Linda in Albany, NY ,

  9. I´ve read the three books, just finished the third one yesterday, and felt a little bit sad that the writer died so young with such a big talent. I want to keep on reading, the books are addictive!!

    I agree that the books are far better than the films.

    And I personally liked the american version more than the swedish one, maybe it was because I saw the american first…

    Loved Roonie !!

    Posted by Ylse Maggi in Mexico ,

  10. Try the one directed by David Fincher. It’s more faithful to the book and it’s less emotional (No, I can’t just accept the fact that in Swedish version Mikael took the work because he feels so emotionally involved with Harriet who took care of him when he was a child)

    Posted by Quill in Awkland ,

  11. I too am sad that we will get no more Stieg books, but, on the other hand, it was good that he left us wanting more. Think of all the thriller-writers who did so many books that the later ones just seemed like repetition of a formula (even my favorites such as Patricia Cornwell, Dick Francis, John D. McDonald and Tony Hillerman.)

    Posted by Dragonreader in Alamogordo ,

  12. I think it is very important to read the books first. It seems to be a universal truth that all books are better than the film adaptations. This story is no exception. The books are fantastic and deserve a reader that is willing to devote the time to finish them without much interuption. I personally chose to “read” the books using, so I actually listened to them, and I was thoroughly impressed. Listening to books allows me the freedom to finish books while I do chores, drive, or do any number of things. I would highly reccomend trying it.

    Posted by Brett in Ottumwa, IA ,

  13. I am with Linda in Ottawa. I saw the first movie in Swedish with English subtitles. Followed it fine and was immediately engrossed. And that remains all through the other two movies.

    The American version is not near the Swedish version of the first movie TGWTDT. Noomi Rapace is so good no one could be better. Ronney Mara is not even close as far as I am concerned.

    Posted by Snowbunnie in Surrey, Canada ,

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