Did Lisbeth salander kill Hans-Erik Wennerström

I am involved in a serious dispute with an ill informed individual who insists that Lisbeth s killed Hans-Erik Wennerström, and made it look like a suicide. I believe that Lisbeth simply stole Wennerström’s money, and was not involved in anyway in his death. Neither of us has read the book, but we saw the film together and were captivated by it. Who can shed daylight on this question?

Posted by Neil in Bristol, UK , 7 September 2010

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  1. Didn’t she also kill Martin Vanger? It’s been a while since I read the first book, but didn’t she chase him on a motorcycle and he died in a fiery crash? It wasn’t really explained, but I pictured her running Martin off the road and causing the crash and then just walking away.

    I saw her as a vigilante. The two men may have been baddies, but neither one got their day in court.

    Posted by Bob ,

  2. In the movie, Salander denies assistance to Martin Vanger just before his car explodes, so we could say, in a way, that he assisted his killing.

    In the book, however, Martin Vanger commits suicude by crashing his car head-on to a truck while Lisbeth was chasing him.

    She didn’t kill him. It was just the movie that made it look like that. There other serious diferences between the movie and the book that puzles me.

    Posted by exfat in Madrid ,

  3. She has not killed anyone first hand.

    As previous posts …Bjurman was kiled by blonde giant (her half brother actually)…Martin purposefully killed himself by driving into the truck..(admittedly whilst being chased by Lisbeth)..and Wennerstom had 3 gunshot wounds so most undoubtedly shot by mafia types,,,however Lisbeth may have had inkling this would happen…or may have just wanted him to go through major ordeal with his mafia connections and be afraid for his life

    …..she also dobbed in the real estate agent….he could possibly have killed himself too but didn’t so she only sets things in motion….perhaps not specifically to cause death

    Posted by TB in Aus ,

  4. Strange how the movies seemed to have changed the perception of the characters (e.g. question on Lisbeth’s involvement in Martin Vanger’s death). I do recommend everyone to read the books before watching the films. That somehow goes without saying for most movies but in case of the Millenium trilogy I found the film-makers really messed up some of characters. Another example is Erika Berger who is a strong woman in the books but reduced to a ridiculous figure, especially in the third movie.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt, Germany ,

  5. Re the killings, it’s clear that Salander wanted these guys dead. She is moral in some ways, but is not above plotting revenge. However, she always considers the consequences before she acts and the consequence of murder is that you get hunted down and possibly go to jail. She doesn’t commit these murders herself, but she does ‘facilitate’ them. The people she targets deserve it, and her experience is that you can’t trust the justice system (e.g. the Wennerström trial) Her experience has not given her any reason to think that you can rely on the justice. She stole the money to allow her to buy her own freedom and independence, while handily getting rid of Wennerström at the same time. Het own morality would be that the guy basically stole the money in the first place. She also is quite generous and fair in dealing with people, except for the sex freaks and crooks.

    Posted by Kate in BC ,

  6. In the USA this is called. “Dropping a dime on someone”. This expression is from the ancient days of payphones. It means making a phone call to expose someone with the expectation that the person you contact will whack them.

    Posted by SpoonerandForker in NYC ,

  7. She did informed the Mafia about Wennerstrom whereabouts. Lisbeth used the justification of him making his girlfriend abort their baby as cause. When Mikael told her the story, she said Wennerstrom is another man who hates women. Any man that falls into that category doesn’t deserve to live in Lisbeth’ view.

    Posted by sonya in new britian ,

  8. It seems to me that Lisbeth has an M.O.to rid the world of bastards…She nails Niedermann to the floor and calls the Bikers Remember this is the Biker she did not shoot out ae Bjurmann’s summer cabin, the one who was going to rape and kill her. Then she is watching the bikers arrive and then proceeds dropping a dime on the whole bunch in the building to the Police AND describing the weapons the bikers carry into the building so the police arriv “heavy.”

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  9. if we take into consideration the movie (i haven’t read the book yet) she didn’t kill him because he died in spain as you can see in the TV scene in 2:30:57 of the movie

    Posted by Dahlia in Tokyo ,

  10. I think that the greatness of this trilogy is that Lisbeth is so well delineated that readers (you) discuss her as if she was real. I compare here to the Count of Monte Cristo in her relentless pursuit of a valid justice just beyond the borders of revenge. And if you will discuss this as of it happens in our world then discuss it in terms of modern law. I think unless intent can be proven in her contacting the Mafia it would be difficult to but perhaps not impossible to indict and prove a case for first degree murder. Any lawyers in the audience? Perhaps Mika

    ls sister?

    Posted by dojo_rat in Seattle ,

  11. Quite an interesting story! Shame I just saw d movie recently.

    Posted by Angel in Lagos,Nigeria ,

  12. she stole about $360,000,000 from Wernnerstorm

    (2.4 Billion Kroner)

    Posted by roger B in Chelsea ,

  13. The Movies, both fine in their individual takes on the “BOOK”, are only representations of the book. Lisbeth would never kill for monetary gain… read the book.

    Posted by Fan of Stieg and Eva in Wsconsin ,

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