Did Lisbeth salander kill Hans-Erik Wennerström

I am involved in a serious dispute with an ill informed individual who insists that Lisbeth s killed Hans-Erik Wennerström, and made it look like a suicide. I believe that Lisbeth simply stole Wennerström’s money, and was not involved in anyway in his death. Neither of us has read the book, but we saw the film together and were captivated by it. Who can shed daylight on this question?

Posted by Neil in Bristol, UK , 7 September 2010

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  1. Lisbeth stole the money from his accounts. She then made a phone call Wennerstrom’s mafia partners who probably was to be payed with money in one of the accounts that was now empty.

    Posted by Barb in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ,

  2. NO! she did not kill him – you have misjudged her whole character. She would never kill for money – she would kill to protect someone or for self defense. She didn’t even kill when she was raped and she could have instead of exacting her revenge. The only person she would have killed whould have been her father to protect her mother. She really was very moral even though she was flawed. She didn’t take the money from the account for the money itself – she did it so Blomkvist could get the proof he needed.

    Posted by Sylvia in Jay, NY ,

  3. She didn’t kill him; but she did make the call that led to his death. She was the only one who knew where he was…she was tracking him through his computer. He was in hiding from the police and from several mafias because Lisbeth had stolen all his money, and he had now way to make payments to the gangsters. When Lisbeth grew tired of tracking him, she tipped off a ganster lawyer as to his whereabouts, and they were the ones who killed him. So no, she did not kill him, but she was the one who led to his death.

    Posted by Katy in Ashburn, VA ,

  4. I think that by making that call, the one that lead to his death, she did kill him.

    Posted by Michael in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA ,

  5. She was directly responsible for his death. Not that he did not have it coming, but hers was vigilante justice.

    Similarly, later on in the series, when she made another call leading to someone’s death. She could have called the police anonymously. Or Dragan. Instead, she planned someone’s murder and then put the murder into play.

    Posted by D Peters in Calgary ,

  6. She was directly responsible for his death.

    Notify the mafia where he was, betray his hiding place, is to be involved in his death.

    Posted by Daniel in Buenos Aires Argentina ,

  7. Lisbeth made it happen in her way. If Larsson were to continue writing, which we know he will not, he would bring in a few repercussions from her actions. I would surmise, however, that they would not be too severe. He loved this character.

    Posted by Mae in Fay, NC ,

  8. Listbeth’s call was purposeful the attorney representing the drug trade, providing name and location, so she was responsible, motivated by the treatment of the 22 year old waitress forced to get an abortion or die underwater in the bathtub.

    Posted by Jim in Kent wa ,

  9. She didn’t kill him. By making the phone call she led him to commit suicide but she was not responsible for own acts. The description of her character along the three books makes us believe that she would only react if she was at risk.By taking all that fortune from him she knew it would be his end. She didn’t need to kill him physically.

    Posted by Manuela Dias in lisbon ,

  10. I am hoping that some wise and knowledgeable person can assist me. If I had known how many characters would be introduced I would have kept a list or a log. Perhaps someone has a list of the good guys and the baddies. If so, I would be grateful to receive it or have it posted. I am presently 105 pages into the 3rd book – of course bitter that Stieg died before the ten books he planned.

    Posted by Patricia Strong in Weiser Idaho ,

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    Posted by Patricia Strong in Seattle, ,

  12. I think he was killed by Mafia, although she

    probably had a part in it by telling them where

    they could find him. I don’t think she would see

    it as wrong to have him killed. She is in some

    ways a person who takes the law into her own


    Posted by Setaian in Sydney, Australia ,

  13. I think she was way to moral to kill him, but I don’t mind that she killed Bjurman.He definitely deserved it.I applaud her for that.To me she is one amazing girl.and extremely moral.

    Posted by Katie sept.27 2010 in Westlake Village, Calif ,

  14. You people who think that Wennerström committed suicide, tell me how someone could possibly shoot themselves in the head THREE times, as he was! It was definitely a mob execution.

    Posted by Hannah Beck in Ridgefield ,

  15. Lizzie kept track of Wennerstrom for six months. Does this mean she kept tabs on him while on her travels, as the next book says she spent the whole year touring the world?

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