It is absolutely true there is so much more life in the book then in the movies. For instance let’s talk about details.. Lizbeth dies her hair black. Does anybody know why? Next..She has surgery on her breast and when she comes back she showes it to Mimi..nothing like this mentioned in the movies..and how about sitanic band..when Lizbeth was friends with those young women..was that bband really sitanic?

Posted by Cindy in St. Lous MO , 12 June 2013

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  1. This is a demonstration of why the novel is so vastly superior to the motion picture as a medium for storytelling, and yet even the novel is not perfect. I find that in my own writing, there is not always the opportunity to explain why a character does something, though I may have a perfectly rational explanation for it. Perhaps Stieg would have explained it somewhere down the line–the red hair dyed black, that is. So far as the satanic girls rock band, it was portrayed in the Swedish production of Played With Fire, but the satanic lesbian part was mostly in the mind of Faste, not in reality. Loved the books, loved the movies, loved Noomi and Rooney. Let’s hope that David Fincher gets to finish the American version of the trilogy.

    Posted by rickbull in Nashville ,

  2. I no loner buy movies–too much money spent on VHS–but I kow I will buy Finchers if he makes them with Craig and Mara even tho I think they will be limited to 90 min each.

    Posted by John Ross in Oakland, CA USA ,

  3. I own all 6 of the Swedish versions (3 dubbed and 3 subtitled), and TGWTDT with Craig and Mara, and yes, I will buy the next two, as well. I love the Swedish and American versions, but most of all, I love Lisbeth. She is a fabulous character I wish I had created.

    Posted by rickbull in Nashville ,

  4. She dyed her hair red because of the whole looking like Pipi Longstocking thing. As for the “satanic” band, Salander mentions them being a group of rebellious youths who have mellowed out over the years, all except for her.

    Posted by Clutch in Oceanside, CA ,

  5. Details..when Lizbeth discovers on a newspaper headlines that police is after young swedish female she had to get another identity..if I am not mistaken passport of different norwegian young female.. Lizbeth rarely showes in public & goes places like McDonalds..I think she had to put on a wig and make up in order to look like that other girl on her new ID.. As far as I remember & I only red books one time I think Blomkvist was the one who gave her pasword with new identity (can anybody help me if I am wrong?)

    Sally eventually hacks in Police Department database to find info and see the reality of charges brought on her

    Kali Blomkvist came to Lizbeth apatment because corrupted swedish government couldn’t handle millenium is writing a story about stolen russian and baltic women who were made as prostitutes and sex slaves..he was set by corrupted swedish government to put cocaine in his belongings to destroy Blomkvist good name as if it came to media that Michael is a cocaine addict his reputation would never have any value. He couldn’t stay no longer at his apartment as he realized his place had been watched..It came out of the blue he had to go to Sally’s apartment & Kali blomkvist was standing in front of Lizbeth’s apartment doors and had to figure out password to get in ( what was the pasword ? )

    After Miche access her apartment he was working long hours on the chapter for the book Millenium magazine was about to publish

    Detail..Who really Michael Blomkvist was? & why he asked his sister to protect Lizbeth at the day of judgement & question to the audience did Annika Jianini come to work for Blomkvist or Lizbeth ?! and why she is taking this difficult case where chances to succeed are very insignificant…

    if anyone researching to identify true Lizbeth I beleive the book has more life and truth than movies, Her trip to island of Guadelupe etc. (the way she got rid of christmas present for Miche)

    Why people decided to translate (not from british, spanish or german etc.) but swedish language?

    … what all other languages book was translated into?

    latin could be included cause discover true language of love is not translted from Swedish to American it’s about humanity and people…

    Posted by Kecie back in Australia ,

  6. In the second book, they mentioned that she found the passeport it was lost and since she kin of look like her she use it, but in the movie they show that she bought it so …

    Posted by Meriem in Algeria ,

  7. But in the third book it say that she got the passeport of the name of Irene Nesser by the help ofPlague the hacker so …

    Posted by Meriem in Algeria ,

  8. In the Swedish movies, they picture the young Lisbeth installing the gasoline and then the match: I wanted her to be an obvious red head as a lead for the 4th book where I think we would have seen Camille as a blond or redhead.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  9. The password was “WASP” in numbers is 9277, her hacker name. Also, she used that name because she used to practice boxxing with Paolo Roberto, he called her wasp

    Posted by Mi in Mexico ,

  10. But in the third book it say that she got the passeport of the name of Irene Nesser by the help ofPlague the hacker so …

    No..It’s true Sally got it by the help of Plaque but it was in The Girl who played with fire.. Plaque also made a joke when he heard of her warrant if she need a gun..

    Posted by Cindy in St.Louis MO ,

  11. Ok, Cindy, Sweetie, the movie doesnt have all the time in the world to make sure EVERYTHING from a 500 some-odd page book makes it in. And, we have to remember that this is a work of FICTION! She probably dyed her hair because she wanted black hair. Simple as that. If she likes the grunge look, she probably wanted black hair. OMG PEOPLE.

    Posted by c.c. in charleston ,

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