Since the Millenium Trilogy was originally a mini-series and when turned into movies, some scenes were deleted. Does anyone know where I can see the deleted scenes? I’ve seen a few but I really would like to see this scene

Posted by Maeby Shirley in Adelaide , 16 February 2011

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  1. See for the “Dragon Tattoo Trilogy – Extended Edition” DVDs. Now also in Blu-Ray. It contains the mini-seires and has English subtitles. Plus other features (e.g., interviews with Noomi, Michael,etc.). I do not think you will be disappointed. Fair price also!

    Posted by SHC in Illinois in USA ,

  2. The only way to see them fully is to purchase the DVD’s which you can do from the Steig Larsson official store. Theys ship around the world, however there is no english subtitles. However I have seen them and you can understand what is going on, especially if you’ve seen the edited movie.

  3. The Swedish television series is avalable on a rapidshare download at the Bolt.Org site with English subtitles. Search ” Stieg Larssons Millennium Sweden”

    Posted by dfr in chicago ,

  4. I found it on Netflix. LOVED ALL THE DELETED SCENES! I thought the ones with Holger and Lisbeth were so cute. :3

    Posted by inkopah in jacumba ,

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