Dbase Program Mentioned in “Girl With The…”

I gave my copy of the book away to a friend won’t get it back soon. Larsson mentions a computer database program and gives a web address of where to download it.

Anyone have this information? Otherwise I may just go to a bookstore and leaf through until I find the page.

Thanks for your help

Posted by Gordon New Fan in Los Angeles , 22 July 2010

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  1. Program name is PGP. It is an open source program. Google it.

    Posted by Mike in Boynton Beach ,

  2. yah, it does lots of things such as protect data, encrypt emails adn store a backup database u should get it…

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  3. Hey thanks for this! Are you sure though? I thought it was a database program he used to setup his initial list fo the Vanger family – who’s who, etc.. Oh, and this is not life-or-death, but one of those annoying things that stuck in my head. LOL. Thanks for help

    Posted by Gordon New Fan in Los Angeles ,

  4. pgp stands for pretty good protection it’s mainly a email encryption program but it can also store and encrypt a database

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  5. The Program is called NotePad from ibrium.se. It is garbage, but you can find the reference to it in Chapter 9. Paragraph starts with “The family consisted of about a hundred individuals,…”

    I am reposting this because it appears that my first attempt at posting failed. Probably because of the URL.

    Posted by nitefall in Tacoma ,

  6. Thank you nitefall in Tacoma~ (Better signature than “Sunrise In Snowhomish” but I digress off topic.) I love the Web- you can get answers to anything! Thanks everyone.

    Posted by Gordon New Fan in Los Angeles ,

  7. oh sorry i thought everybody was talking about salanders incryption program not notepad (wich sucks) notepad comes standard with lots of computers but is not worth getting if you dont already have it (like i said and nitefall said it SUCKS)

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  8. Well, what is it, really? I am not going to download it onto my Mac unless it’s backup available and it won’t destroy my computer. Does it take up a lot of room? What country is the best to download it from? Is it only Notepad? Please let me know because you all have me very confused.

    Thanks so much.

    Posted by FlickaChapman in SAn Rafael, CA ,

  9. why so much hate for notepad? I actually use it almost daily. Of course I also use Linux as my daily OS. I love notepad because it strips out all the extra CRAP put in by other “fancy ” WP’s. Admittedly I’m an author and couldn’t imagine using something that ‘simple’ as my WP, but than he admits he wants something quick and dirty PLUS, what year was this?book published (in English ) in 2010 probably written in 2005, WP’s were expensive!

  10. Hi,
    The notepad program full name is NotePad Deluxe. It is no longer developed since many years, but I think Stieg used it.

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