Dag and Mia bullet entry / exit wounds.

The book described how the bullet entered and exited Dag and Mia heads when Blomkvist found them.

Surely the police, crime scene investigators, and others can tell right away that the gun was fired in a much higher position than Salander could have aimed. Even if bullets path were not described in the book, there?s a great difference in the line of sight of a tiny girl and of a giant.

Did I miss a part?

P.S. I don?t comment her ability to handle the gun?s weight, recoil and the? hard to squeeze? trigger. Colt 45 Magnum and the smell of cordite are fictions. ?

Posted by Justiniano in Manila , 23 June 2011

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  1. i supose the police theorised that the gun could have been either of them lisbeth holding the gun close to her face and aiming down the sights versus neiderman firing from the hip or some other style that would not require him to use his full height.as for her ability to handle guns anyone can kill with a pistol and the draw weight on a colt .45 magnum is really not much more then a walther ppk or other small calibre handguns.

    Posted by benwashear in a place ,

  2. No discussion on trajectories but cordite, no way sorry. We are talking good old fashioned smokeless gunpowder. Cordite (slower burning spaghetti like cord. Nitro Cellulose from memory) would not normally be used in sidearms. Generally need a faster burning propellant.

    Posted by Brian Baxter in Culburra Australia ,

  3. Many people think all police handle every case the same way. Bullet trajectories and blood spatter become moot when fingerprints are recovered on the murder weapon. All you need to introduce in court is fingerprint evidence, ballistic evidence and witness statements to put your suspect at the scene.

    Posted by barry in elgin il ,

  4. You’re forgetting that she’s also considered clinically insane at that point. And she could have been, oh, standing on a chair, or he could have leaned over, or been squatting… and I don’t recall Mia’s height being discussed–she may have been as tall as Lisbeth…

    Posted by Mike in VA, USA ,

  5. There’s no such handgun or cartridge as a Colt 45 Magnum. There’s the still-popular .45 ACP (automatic Colt pistol) used in the Colt Government Model 1911A1 and its variants, and the .45 Long Colt of American western lore, but no so-called Colt 45 Magnum. The .45 Long Colt cartridge and firearms chambered for it are obsolete as offensive and defensive weapons.

    Posted by Bruce in VA USA ,

  6. Leave to you southern boys to notice that one! So–Larssen was always specific about details, so perhaps he was sending a mssg about gun control?

    Posted by Jeanne in Laguna Beach ,

  7. I’m a retired Policeman and really enjoyed reading these novels until it came to the “.45 Magnum loaded with uranium core, gold-tipped bullets.” I still enjoy the novels but had to wince on that one.

    Posted by Randal in Joplin, MIssouri ,

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