stieg larson coffee

Maybe it’s because I’m also addicted to it,

but Coffee, it’s in the book so often!!

I know It’s something typical Swedish/Scandinavien to drink a lot. But that often as well?

Maybe Swedish people can give an useful/interesting/personal answer on this!

Posted by Linda in Holland , 4 October 2009


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  1. wow, only on the internet can there be awsome discussions about larssons obssesion with coffee and sanwiches (plural, ahh too much sandwich!!!) on i side note after reading around half of the second book i have discoverd billys pan pizza to be not a bad substitute for (dare i say it) real food

    Posted by benwasheare

  2. I was furious when Blomkvist woke up in the middle of the night and decided to make himself a cup of coffee. What was he thinking!

    Posted by J Spears in London

  3. I’m from Botswana in Africa. I’ve read all 3 books and immediately noticed that coffee is mentioned an unusual amount of times. I wished that i could download an electronic version of the books and do a word-count.It seems people survive on sandwiches, coffee and billy’s pan pizza. The characters also sleep for ages, despite all the caffeine and unhealthy food they have!

    Posted by KR in Gaborone, Botswana ,

  4. I am swedish and I’ve read all the books three times. I haven’t thought of the amount of coffee consumed in the books until I found this fascinating discussion.

    I actually think the average swedish coffee consumation is very well described. I can assure you that we do drink lots of coffee. Many people in sweden start the day with one or several cups of coffee at home or at work (or both).

    Everybody in every workplace (well should be, I suppose there are exceptions) is entitled to coffeebrakes twice a day.

    Going to a meeting it is common to bring a cup of coffee or to have someone bring a thermos and cups. Some prefer tea, but they are outnumbered by far…

    If you have lunch in a lunch restaurant a cup of coffee after the meal is included almost everywhere.

    If you in a coffee place buy a cup of brewed coffee almost always is a refill included in the price. We even have a word for that second cup: “påtår”. One cup just isn’t enough…

    I think people from America would find our brewed coffee strong but compared to an italian espresso it is weak.

    So if you ever go to Sweden and visit a swede at home or at work be prepared to be offered a cup of coffee:)


    Posted by MA in Umeå, Sweden

  5. “Coffee and Sandwiches”. Any parody of the Millennium would have to be awash with them! It could just be down to the editing or it could have been a private joke. I certainly began to find it very amusing.

    Posted by Christian in Hacker Republic

  6. Lol, funny thread about the suspicious intake of coffee from the citizens of the world. :) actually: ” The Nordic countries consume the most coffee per capita, with Finland typically occupying the top spot with a per-capita consumption in excess of 10 kg per year, closely followed by Norway, Sweden and Denmark. ” when Stieg writes about “having a cup of coffee” it’s a code word and something every swede recognizes as ” let’s have a break, a cup of coffee, enjoy it and then move forward” like kyle in twin peaks :). coffee culture is the thing up here, as it’s functioning as both a pick-me-up, comfort for the soul and an excuse for the “fika” which is a word for “having a break, a nice gathering of people and have something nice to eat and drink” which almost always include coffee. also we have a cold climate and drink a lot of hot drinks. I think we regard the small cup as comfort food, and the coffee break as a safe haven in a lutherian society ( with not many siestas). anyway we like it almost as much as milk ( grownups here drink a lot of milk, not just kids). were weird like that :)

    Posted by Coffee in Sthlm

  7. “rolls royce of coffee machines” I never even knew such a thing existed or that you could have one installed for an extortionate price!!

    Posted by Edan in Sherborne

  8. o and isn’t the food specific thing so the reader can become associated with these very pedantic people. food is such a personal preference and influenced by a lifestyle whether we’re on the go or health freaks i think the food specifics are to relate you to the charactar and learn more about them

    Posted by Edan in Sherborne

  9. I think Swedes lead the world in coffee consumption. But a $30,000 coffee machine? Really?

    Posted by Kat in Decatur AL

  10. As a Norwegian-American and coffeeholic, I noticed with amusement that almost every time two or more people got together to talk about anything, coffee was present. When Mikael first meets Lisbeth in Tattoo to confront her on her intrusion (and also to ask for her help) he first asks her if she has any coffee and his tone is unmistakable. It showed her lack of social manners that he had been in her home for more than ten seconds and she had not offered it.

    Go to

    Coffee consumption by country: Sweden is fourth. Norway is first!

    Posted by Nansi in USA

  11. I am pleased to find this site and particularly this thread on coffee. I found the presence of coffee interesting. I figured it to be a Swedish thing, and, of course, had to find out the per capita consumption, which is right up there! I love coffee, so much so, that I will come home from work late, make coffee, (high test, black, no sugar) have a piece chocolate with it, and then go right to sleep. Amazes people. Relaxes me. The one thing about these books, it has made me read about the culture of Sweden, and I appreciate that as much as the story and its message(s).

    Posted by celtica98 in Rhode Island, USA

  12. I, too, noticed the amount of coffee consumption among the characters. Every time I read that someone woke up in the middle of the night and had a cup of coffee, I would go back to read the time they woke up, thinking it would say 5 am… 6 am…, but it was always 2 am… 3 am, or somewhere in the very early morning. And then they went right back to sleep. I think it’s funny. I’m a coffee lover myself so I get it, but I have never woke up in the middle of the night, had a cup of coffee, then went back to bed. It must be a Swede thing. And it’s always coffee and sandwiches. I shouldn’t knock it til I’ve tried it, but still… it seems a little odd to me. The only sandwich I have ever had while drinking coffee is a breakfast sandwich… eggs, cheese, etc. Whoever would have thought that the talk of coffee and sandwiches could be so interesting! Haha

    Posted by Cortney in Bear, DE

  13. True, Swedes really love their coffee! But one thing I really miss when I go to Sweden is Starbucks, I don’t think there’s one in the whole country! I like to drink my coffee on the go, the North American way, and it’s not possible over there. Hopefully they’ll open a few Starbucks there soon, although it’s a slim chance, since Swedes are very particular about their coffee. Oh, and my husband, (North American, Italian descent) sometimes gets up in the middle of the night to make himself a coffee.

  14. I noticed all of the coffee drinking in the first book and told my husband about it, and as I was reading, I would say to him, “they are drinking coffee again!”. Of course, I drank coffee and ate cheese sandwiches a lot while reading the books! We even went to IKEA and bought some Swedish coffee.

    Posted by Kirsten in Potland, OR, USA

  15. The coffee machine in the second book is a Jura Impressa X7. I have heard of the Jura Brand but don’t know if this is a real model.

    Posted by Annie B in Melbourne

  16. Another reason to love this series! Book, coffee, a coffee machine and some Ikea: Perfection

    Posted by AliceXJane in Manila

  17. But! I can think of at least one time when the Blomkvist character is supposedly self-aware, and it made me laugh at the author’s implication. I seem to remember a passage in the first book in which Blomkvist goes to the farmhouse outside the small town, looking for shop hinted at via sticker in the Harriet Vanger pictures. At this stage, I too had thought, “wow, this Larsson spends a lot of time writing about getting coffee.” But then – forgive me if I’m off on some details – there’s a sentence in which Blomkvist notices and is amused/shocked by how much coffee he’d been offered and drank. It was a welcome moment to me, as it suggested Larsson knew what he was writing and the value of the words. It also made me want to get coffee, and make a sandwich. Of course, I read the rest of the books, too. Very happy to have done so!

    Posted by Pete in Iowa, USA

  18. To MA in Sweden, really? ? You read each book three times? You need to get out more often and find yourself a real mystery thriller.

    Posted by kp in Columbus

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