stieg larson coffee

Maybe it’s because I’m also addicted to it,

but Coffee, it’s in the book so often!!

I know It’s something typical Swedish/Scandinavien to drink a lot. But that often as well?

Maybe Swedish people can give an useful/interesting/personal answer on this!

Posted by Linda in Holland , 4 October 2009


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  1. It seems that every scene in the third book begins with someone getting coffee, even more so than the previous installments. A few times it seemed slightly annoying, but it became sort of a joke in my mind. Perhaps a count of all the times each character had a coffee in the series should be made. And is it just me, or did Kalle Blomkvist suddenly stop getting caffee lattes somewhere along the line?

    Posted by LoLukoke

    1. as Blomkivist seemed to be stiegg you seem to be referring to coffees as short relationships with people as if he did not have long journeys. He had a long one with Eva and I don’t know much about the real steigg. I look forward to reading the book Eva wrote about the two of them. You seem to imply he had other women but maybe I am misinterpreting coffee with people.

  2. Just be thankful Larsson doesn’t mention which brand of coffee every time, the way he does for computers, hi-fi, and home furnishings.

    Probably Starbucks just didn’t wire him enough cash (and doesn’t fit with the whole counter-culture intellectualist theme of the book).

    Posted by Chris in Copenhagen

  3. yes, I was also suprise by the importance the caffe latte was in this story. During one year I was in Sweden I don’t remimber the people drinking to much the coff!!!

    Posted by Martha in Pittsburgh

  4. I guess it was to illustrate that a lot of the people who had to get a cup of coffee were working a lot and needed to keep themselves going. I’m thinking of Blomkvist himself and the police.

  5. I have nearly finished the second book and suddenly realised that this coffee thing is either an ongoing joke or a medically dangerous obsession on the author’s part. Coffee seems to be mentioned about every three pages. Chris is also right about computers – Larsson sees the choice of computer as saying a lot about a character in the way older authors do with cars or watches. Several times he says the computer is noticed to be second-hand – how can you tell how many owners a computer has had?

    Posted by Charles in London

    1. It says he smokes a lot as well and probably drinks coffee whilst he is writing to kill boredom and being alone whilst writing? writing is a lonely occupation.

  6. I am from Sweden… I drink 4-5 coups of coffee a day – it’s very normal

    Posted by Ankan in Stockholm

  7. P.S. Remember Larsson wrote much of the books at *night* after he came home from a grueling work day on the magazine Expo. So for sure it must have been slightly on his mind to write *something* about coffee, when working at this hour! :-)

    Posted by Chris from in Copenhagen

  8. I was fond of how much coffee the characters drank. It was so mental, I caught myself drinking along with them to stay up and read.

    Posted by Scissorsiren in Houston

  9. Actullay its the parts where they go grocery shopping that attracted my attention!!!

    Every time it goes like: and he got milk and cheese and wot not, i find myself wanting milk and cheese as well!!!

    Posted by Salander fanatic in Salander Ville

  10. The same here! I got addicted to coffee while reading the books! I even bought myself a cafetiere! And I don’t even like coffee!!!!

    Posted by Eva Scott-Hacker in Fleetwood – UK

  11. What about sandwiches? It seems that Blomkist lives on coffee and sandwiches! Does he ever eat a decent meal?

    Posted by Bigtime Larsson fan in Nicosia

  12. Hi, I am venezuelan, live in germany and my girlfriend is swedish… Trust me, the coffee culture is true.

    Posted by Luis in Köln

  13. I have tried Salander’s toast with marmalade & cheese (I used Jarlsberg cheese)(which I found in Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) & washed down with black coffee. Yum yum…

    Posted by Vanessa Wasp in Sydney

  14. Our Scandinavian Lit Group has just left our apartment after discussing Dragon Tattoo. We are all senior citizens. We made two pots of coffee: decaf and high-test. Guess which pot was empty. Scandinavians drink coffee.

    Posted by Moo in Maryland USA

  15. THank god for the internet. I thought I was the only one who was fascinated with the extreme coffee documentation in Larsson’s novels. Highly suggestible, I’ve been downing coffee and sandwiches throughout both books and want to know if the motif was intentional or as my wife insists, it’s just a Swedish thing.

    Posted by Steve in Washington, DC

  16. I just want to say that I already saw the coffee obsession in the first book. I am a coffee lover/drinker just as many brazilian are, but I actually thought of the time he dedicated to write about the “coffee break” a little unusual, as the characters all seemed too found of the beverage, and would drink/stop for/ make it almost as if an automatic brain circuit was activated. Maybe in Sweden people drink a lot of coffee, but I am sure it is like many other places. What was odd was the recurring citation of the black drink… I actually thought of it as comic relief everytime it came back. Too bad there won’t be other authors like him to put coffee in such a pedestal.

    Posted by Giuliano Sandri in São Paulo – Brazil

  17. I also noticed the ubiquitous coffee and sandwiches, about halfway through the first one…a sandwich lover myself, thinking of trying one of Blomkvist’s more arcane concoctions…liver sausage anyone? Currently doing a sandwich/coffee count while reading the second novel. ha ha

    Posted by Michael Hayes in Toronto, Canada

  18. ………”Blomkvist poured two strong coffee’s from the desktop thermos desktop”……..


    I’m having nightmares about a world drowning in caffe latte!

    Posted by Mervio in Mansfield, UK

  19. has anyone counted the number of times coffee is mentioned?

    Posted by gr8 in Santa Barbara

  20. He always has sandwiches (plural). I rarely eat more than one at a time. Do Swedes eat tiny little sandwiches, or does he have a big appetite? And what about all those Billy’s Pan Pizzas?

    Posted by JC in RI, USA

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