What’s with the coffee and sandwiches? What kind of sandwiches? It seems like this is all they eat. Frozen pizza, fish casserole and ham pie are mentioned, but sandwiches are in almost every chapter. I’m just curious.

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  1. uhh i know the swedes drink excessive ammounts of coffe plus they have the whole open face sandwich thing wich is kinda mentiond allot. probbaly a reflection of larssons acctual diet

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  2. I agree. A massive amount of coffee and sandwhiches are comsumed in these books. What is with that?

    Posted by elle426 ,

  3. open sandwiches are a plot ploy along with the descriptions of floor area. No ikea plugs either..

    Posted by frabro in melbourne.vic ,

  4. I read the entire trilogy on iPad over a month, on my lunch breaks, while drinking coffee and eating sandwiches – either tuna salad or turkey wraps. So it felt kind of like being there with the characters who where always having coffee and sandwiches. It felt natural.

    Posted by ponzu in O.C. ,

  5. how about the billys pizza? she eats tons of it and from what i gather its a real product in sweden sold at various places including 7-11!

    Posted by ma in pittsburgh ,

  6. In my opinion,I guess those food reflects her character. She doesn’t seem the person who likes cooking or is good at….is she?

    Posted by ET in Tokyo ,

  7. it does come up really often. i also enjoyed reading about the marmalade and cheese sandwiches. have actually started eating tem for breakfast. enjoyable!!

    Posted by smi in Mumbai ,

  8. Cleary, Swedish people drinks ton’s of coffee, mineral water and drink no soda whats-so-ever.

    Posted by Jerry in Perry, GA ,

  9. I think it’s really interesting how they eat sandwiches and coffee in the book. It seems…satisfyable. But maybe, it reflects what he eats or what he observed when he was writing his boko.

    Posted by Amy in San Diego, CA ,


    Do you mean “book?”

    Anyways. I agree with you. ^

    Posted by FakeName Lyons in Narnia ,

  11. what I want to know is–why does everyone outside the US say “sandwiches” ? We usually let it go with one “sandwiche” which is 2 pieces of bread with stuff between. Why the plural?

    Posted by chart in Madison WI ,

  12. Coffee and sandwiches. Beside all the other things in the book to remember, coffee and sandwiches stand out hte most. However, onr other thing is missing. When a lead character finanny falls asleep, he, she, does it in about 30 seconds and sleeps for at least 15 hours. WOW

    Posted by captaingeraldo in boston ,

  13. i agree. coffee. coffee… coffee….

    theyr really addicted…..shud seek help….

    i cant imagine it can be healthy to drink so much coffee in one day….

    it made me wanna drink coffee!!!!!

    and the sandwiches???!! cheese and marmalade?? wat kind of marmalade??? and wats the difference between jam and marmalade??? and wat kind of cheese??? someone posted that they tried it with ‘jarlsberg’ cheese??? wud this work?? i really wanna know….

    it sounds very very very strange….

    Posted by girl_interrupted in AUSTRALIA ,

  14. I am a Finn (neighboring country to Sweden) living in the USA. Reading the books got me so homesick. Billys pizzas!!! They are tiny rectangled panpizza pieces that just are tossed in the micro and voila! And they are sooo good. About the cheese and marmalade. I still eat here a warm slice with toast with a bit margarine, a slice of swiss cheese and a teaspoonful of orange marmalade. It is so yummy. Enjoy it with a cup of COFFEE …LOL

    Posted by a Finn that speaks Swedish and lives in the USA in South Carolina ,

  15. I am not remotely surprised that the vast majority of these comments regarding coffee come from Americans, who appear to believe that any behaviour which does not mirror their own is deviant! Swedes drink copious amounts of coffee – just a simple fact! To find cheese and marmalade a weird combination from a nation whose children grow up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is ironic, no?

    Posted by swedish literature rules – raed Henning Mankell next in Norwich, UK ,

  16. Chart in Madison WI:

    The plural is because sometimes one sandwich is just not enough food. Even if you cut one in half it would technically be two sandwiches.

    Coffee is a convenient way and reason to meet up with people. Traditionally “fika”, which is coffee and a snack (something sweet, kanelsnurror, etc), is something nice to do especially in winter because it’s quite cold and dark which makes one tired.

    Posted by Benjamin in Stockholm ,

  17. From a Swede-American: Swedes drink a lot of coffee, and eat a lot of sandwiches. That’s all there is to it. And sandwiches are open-faced, with either crispbread or delicious dark sliced bread, butter, sliced cheese (I’m talking real cheese and not this processed cheese product business that’s considered cheese here in the US), and veggies like cucumbers and tomato. Sometimes with ham, sometimes with jam.

    Posted by Goldie in Ann Arbor ,

  18. Goldie in Ann Arbor makes me feel much better about the mental image I had of all the sandwich eating. I did not picture them eating processed ham and american cheese on Wonderbread. I actually did picture the open-faced sandwiches that I had a lot of when I was in Germany – on thin, hard, dark bread, with delicious cheese and Westphalian ham or some type of sausage.

    Posted by Connie in Buffalo, NY ,

  19. I would guess a lot of questions come from Americans because we are curious…I had a German prof. once who commented how odd Americans are for making a pot of coffee and drinking it all day…go figure.

    And the cheese thing did sound odd until someone mentioned Swiss cheese…jam or jelly with cream cheese is a pretty common topping here.

    Posted by Kat in Portland, Oregon ,

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