The legacy

      Is there a 4th book?

      I have just heard that Stieg Larsson left a 4th book in his laptop and that his girlfriend wants to have it published. Has anyone heard the story? Is it true????

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      a petition

      Hi everyone,

      I donno if this idea was posted here b4, but y dont we start a petition that we cod send 2 Stieg’s father? Maybe that more than anything will show him how much we want the 4th book published?

      Wot do u guyz think? we cod easily get a million ppl 2 sign it in a ... Read more

      Any news about the 4th and 5th book?


      after finishing all the 3 books, unfortunately, I was desperetaly looking for something else regarding our great author… and then, I found a book, written by Lebeau, which is a kind of summary of all the 3 books, including some comments and secrets… the shocking news is that, ac ... Read more

      Eva, be strong

      Have read/listened to the triliogy & am saddened that a fourth is not soon to be forthcoming. Eva, be strong.

      Posted by Susan in Colorado, USA , 19 January 2010

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      4 th book

      I think I could write the 4th book.

      It needs to be done!

      Posted by Geoff in Oswestry , 23 January 2010

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      Announced 4th book by Logercrantz

      Posted by , 21 October 2014

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      Future Life for Lisbeth

      Here are my thoughts on future possibilities for Lisbeth Salander.

      1. Television series

      2. The new Doctor Who companion

      3. Lisbeth and Adrian Monk team-up

      4. Lisbeth and Rorschach (The Watchmen) team-up

      5. The new Bond Girl (She kind of is the new ... Read more